Noodle's Resolutions for 2019
Mitch here!

I’m actually about to hand things over to Noodle, who, despite not having opposable thumbs, is extraordinarily well-spoken when she stops barking at mailmen and delivery guys all day 🙄 and sits down for a moment to collect her thoughts. She’ll be dictating her new year’s resolutions to me, and I’ll be acting as her scribe. Take it away, Girlfriend!

Woof! Noodle here!

New Year’s fireworks are tough for a dog like me. They’re downright terrifying. Like, why intentionally make loud noises? Pure lunacy, I tell you. But this year, while I hid in the bathtub as the clock struck midnight, I made the most of having to go into hiding and laid out my 2019 resolutions.

Don’t get me wrong: 2018 was a great year for Noodle P. Larkin. I pooped outside (for the most part), got 20 hours of sleep per day and I looked after my best friend, Emma.

But if I can stick to my resolutions, 2019 will be the Year of Noodle. You just wait and see. [Bark!]

Noodle's Resolutions for 2019
Kibbles 'n Bits & Kelly in the City
Kibbles 'n Bits - Kelly in the City

1. Enjoy my meals

Typically, a dog takes it in the haunches when a baby moves in. Since everyone is fawning over the new arrival, we don’t get quite as much attention as we used to, and therefore often become lazy and soft.

But not Noodle Larkin! Because I switched to Kibbles ‘n Bits Mini Bits Savory Beef & Chicken Flavor toward the end of 2018, I’ve got my food on lock. Before I switched, I had a singular goal in life: to do whatever it took to get the toddler’s snack packs or cheese sticks. Now, though? Sure. I could tackle the toddler and steal her food, but that ain’t me. Not anymore. And if the feeling does come over me to jump up on the coffee table and eat a whole bowl of popcorn when nobody’s looking, I just let the feeling pass. I’ve really classed up my act.

But here’s why: Kibbles ‘n Bits is full of high-quality ingredients as well as essential vitamins and minerals that make my diet complete and balanced. It’s changed my life! Both the kibble and the bits offer a tasty variety that makes each bite extra scrumptious. And if you’re wondering which part is the kibble and which part is the bits, I can tell you that I don’t know because I’m a dog and I’m lacking a fundamental understanding of the world around me. But my parents know and totally approve. All I know is that I’m about to dust this whole bag off. (Not all in one sitting, of course, because I’m no animal… figuratively.) Just watch. [Woof!]

Noodle Larkin
Noodle Larkin
Kibbles 'n Bits

2. Minimize barking

I take my doggy job seriously. With the exception of fireworks, I protect this house from all the terrifying threats on the other side of the front door. And when I get in trouble for barking so loud that I wake up the whole block, I have to laugh. I mean, I just saved lives your lives, people! Jeash. You’re welcome.

This year, though, I’m devoting myself to calming down my basic dog tendencies a bit. I’ve already made major progress. I haven’t destroyed a designer shoe in months, and I left the new rug in the back room dry (for the most part). That counts for something!

But it’s the barking that’ll be tough. Noises exist and they’re scary. From now on, when a truck drives by… [muffled woof] …or if the neighbors come home… [tiny bark] …or if I hear someone talking [BAAARK] or a freaking dog walks by… [WOOOOOF BAARK BARK BARK BAAARK!] Okay, I suppose I’m realizing I have a problem. This is on me. But I will improve in 2019. [Woof!]

Noodle's Resolutions for 2019

3. Help out with Baby #2

I’m not naive. I’ve been through this before. In a few months, a new baby will be joining the crew, and I know exactly how it’ll go down. When Emma moved in, my cuddle and play time decreased substantially. I went from being “top dog” to being, well, “low dog on the totem pole.”

But this isn’t my first rodeo. As Emma grew, we became besties and I slowly started receiving more and more attention. Frankly, I could use a little break from my people. [BARK!]

So as we approach Baby #2 Time, I know my role. I plan to occupy Emma, snuggle in with my parents when they need me, and protect this HOUSE!

Noodle. Out.

This post was sponsored by Kibbles ‘n Bits, but all opinions are my own. As always, thank you so, so much for supporting the partnerships that keep Kelly in the City up and running!