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Can’t lie: definitely considered writing this post in Noodle’s “voice,” but decided that would be taking things a bit too far. So I’ll handle this one for her. But next time, Girlfriend needs to put in a little more effort. ;)

Anyway, the past week hasn’t been a good one for Noods. She’s still under 10 pounds, and going outside in this weather–apparently it was -25 degrees with windchill yesterday–is pretty rough on her. The worst part, though, has been the salt. It gets stuck in her little paws and she actually cries. It’s heartbreaking!

Thankfully, New York City-based Furry Footwear recently came to the rescue and sent Noodle the cutest pair of snow boots. (Her friend Oliver is wearing them on The Fox and She today as well!) They’re called the “Chicago Boot” (so fitting, right?!) and the inspiration, not surprisingly, came from Chicago’s harsh winters. A Furry Footwear designer is actually from the Windy City, so she knew firsthand how important it was to line the boots in a thick layer of fleece. The soles are also made of a thick, durable anti-slip rubber to keep the salt out and prevent sliding.

In the beginning, Noodle looked like she was walking on the moon when she was wearing her boots. She didn’t hate them, but she didn’t look comfortable, either. (I tried really hard not to laugh, hehe.) But she got used to them so quickly, and is walking almost normally now! She no longer cries from the salt, she shivers less, and she has fun outside again. Our apartment floors are cleaner, too. No more giant mess every time we come back inside!

Be sure to take a look at the rest of the Furry Footwear collection here. How cute are the Vancouver boots?! And I think a pair of these adorable Converse-style sneakers are in Noodle’s future. (You know, when the weather gets warmer.)

…And enjoy the below video of Noodle’s first time in her boots. It’s hilarious. She improves, though, doesn’t she?! Thank you, Furry Footwear!

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Winter Clothing for Miniature Dachshunds