Mothers Day Gift Guide

Today is Lucy’s first birthday (!), so we’re spending the whole day with the girls. ☺️ In the meantime, this is my Mother’s Day gift guide!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10th. If you’re still searching for a gift, though, don’t despair! Considering the times, I think it’s totally acceptable to go the whole picture-of-the-present route. (Heck, I’ve done that countless times when not in the middle of a pandemic, and my mom has never cared! Thanks for understanding the disaster that is your daughter, Mom. 😉) I also think you’re good if you want to hold onto the present until the next time you see that special mother in person… or to decide not to give tangible gifts this year if times are tough.

That said, I put this guide together to help those who are looking for a little inspiration! Hope it helps. :)

White Birkenstock sandals: LOVE THEM. To be honest, these sandals are tied with Jack Rogers’ new comfort sandals, which look like they were designed with motherhood in mind.

Crossbody bag: I know. Most of us aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but this is more of a hopeful gift. I love it because it’s gorgeous yet hands-free! Nothing worse than carrying a baby and trying to keep a bag from sliding off your shoulder.

Hydroflask: GUYS. Okay, I didn’t know this was a “VSCO Girl” thing. But I love mine. Adore. It’s the best. It keeps your water cold for extremely long periods of time, and you only need to drink two of them throughout the day to get the recommended number of glasses of water. As someone who’s chronically dehydrated, it’s changed my life. I credit Jess for introducing me to it. Thank you, Jess!

Dudley Stephens terry fleece: This is also the perfect gift. The “Brighton Boatneck” is my favorite DS cut, and I particularly love the Terry Fleece material, which is much lighter for spring and summer. I have the off white on my wishlist!

Ginger jar planter: We own these, and also gave them to Mitch’s parents last year for Christmas. They’re gorgeous. Obviously wait for a sale–one’s happening right now, actually!–but they’re stunningly beautiful and they definitely make our front stoop and outdoor space.

Rothy’s sneakers: We gave my mom a pair of Rothy’s a couple of years ago, and we both agree: Game-changer! They’re the most comfortable sneakers ever… as are the loafers, which we love just as much! They’re also machine-washable, which has “MOM” written all over it. They run TTS.

Williams Sonoma frame: I’ve loved this for the longest time. Crazy expensive, though, and can’t justify it. 😂 But here it is. Put a sentimental photo inside of it and it’s VERY special. ;)

Hydrangea flowers in a vase: These are SO good, and I personally like them a lot better than real flowers because they’ll last forever! We have them on our kitchen island. Huge fan, and priced really well for the quality.

Barefoot Dreams long cardigan: Softest and coziest cardigan I own; couldn’t live without it! It’s also perfect for the quarantine life.

Hurricane candle holders: These. Are. Gorgeous. We have them on our buffet, on either side of the mirror… and I plan on putting them on either side of the fireplace for Christmas. They make any space feel cozy and warm, which is great for this chapter we find ourselves in!

Longchamp bag: Another “hopeful gift,” but every mom needs a Longchamp. ;) I use it as both an everyday bag and baby bag. (Another awesome option is the MZ Wallace, though it’s pricier.)

Initial necklace: Jess’ sister works for this company, and she sent me one of these a while back! I love it. Can’t beat the price point, either.

Seersucker travel set: HEART EYES. This is on my personal wishlist, haha… even though we have no travel plans for the foreseeable future. Would be sweet to attach a note with something along the lines of, “Can’t wait to see you next!”

Large ducks + Small ducks: Same ^. They remind me of Make Way for Ducklings, one of my favorite childhood books that I used to read often with my mom. A cute gift idea would be getting a mom duck and then however many little ducks for however many children she has!

Chappy blanket: This is our most-loved blanket! Emma used to use one for nap at her school every day… and it’s our go-to for living room and playroom cuddles. It’s so well-made, and it washes perfectly. Very preppy, too.

Ballet flats: These are on sale and scream spring to me. For the shoe-loving mom!

Playing cards: Prettiest playing cards ever? And who doesn’t need to up their “game game” (ha) right now?

Raffia lantern earrings: These are the only dangly earrings I can wear because they’re so light! They go with everything; highly recommend.

Bamboo silverware: We’re due to replace our silverware soon (missing half of it whyyyyyyy), and I’ve been eyeing this set!

Barefoot Dreams blanket: I don’t own this blanket, but considering how much I love my cardigan, I’d say that this would be a winner. (Especially now!)

MZ Wallace cosmetics case: It’s machine-washable!

Lululemon leggings: SOFTEST. LEGGINGS. EVER. They’re technically designed for yoga, but I wear them as my everyday leggings. They’re worth every penny! (Because you’ll never buy another pair of leggings. Savings! Haha.)

Yeti mug: Keeps your coffee hot I use mine every day and swear by it. Actually sent my dad one when he started working from home a few months ago!

Kindle: I mean…

Baskets: We have these stashed all over the house for blanket and toy storage. (Toys out of sight? Every mom’s dream.)

Sam Edelman sandals: These look so much like the designer pair! And they’re apparently very cushioned.

Pretzel necklace: Pretzels are a symbol of love. Who knew?!

Lite Brite: Surely your mom played this with you growing up. Sentimental and something to pass the time!

Orchard Mile vacation town sweater: Because who isn’t dreaming of her favorite vacation destination right now?