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Trumbull Rhodes Tie (c/o) / J.Crew Factory Khakis and Shirt (Similar here) / Sperrys / Swiss Legend Watch (Here in black) / Miniature Dachshund

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Since Daylight Savings Time went into effect, taking photos for the blog has been a challenge. For the first time ever, Mitch and I aren’t working together–gasp!–so we can’t shoot on our lunch breaks or on our way home anymore. And he leaves for work right as the sun is rising, and arrives home after it sets… so, yeah. I now understand the photography struggle that nearly all style bloggers complain about. What a rude awakening for me! ;)

Yesterday, I attempted the early morning thing. It was still pretty dark, but Lightroom is the best! I have to admit, though: I didn’t enjoy the experience! (#grumpy) So this morning, Mitch volunteered to model for me. (Isn’t he the best?) So let’s give it up for him! (Seriously, husband. Thank you, haha!)

Today, Mitch is wearing the Nottingham Tie from Trumbull Rhodes, a high-end, Boston-based handmade neck wear and boxer shorts company that uses Liberty London fabrics. I’ve long been a fan of Liberty London, as J.Crew and Barbour incorporates its materials. So when I heard about Trumbull Rhodes, I knew I was going to love their products for Mitch. :)

I’m in love! (With both the tie and the guy.) I’m a huge fan of how different and preppy the tie is, and I can’t get over its quality. It’s no wonder: Trumbull Rhodes ties are handmade in Brooklyn by skilled craftsmen. Each tie is made with a slip stitch that allows the tie to stretch without wrinkling, and features self loop labels and self tipping made from the same fabric as the tie. Now that’s quality. I really wish we had known about Trumbull Rhodes for our wedding!

Currently, you can find Trumbull Rhodes in multiple stores on Martha’s Vineyard, but you can also shop online. Be sure to check out the rest of the tie collection, as well as the bow tie and boxer shorts lines! (I think they’d make for wonderful holiday gifts!) Oh, and watch this video about Liberty. So interesting!

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