Larkin Family Spring Festival-19

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A few weeks ago, Mitch and I headed down to the lake house for the first annual Larkin Family Spring Fest. I had grand plans of spending the most of the weekend behind my lens, as taking more personal photos is one of this year’s goals. But OH MY GOODNESS. It was absolutely freezing. I managed to get a few snaps, but really I spent the majority of my time sitting in front of the fire… and eating. ;)

The amazing part about Larkin seasonal festivals, though, is that it doesn’t matter whether we’re cruising around the lake or stuck indoors. What matters is that we’re away from the craziness of everyday life, and we’re together. (You can see photos from the fall festival here!) It’s always a great time.

Anyway, this weekend is going to be a busy one. Tonight, Mitch and I are hanging out with Noods and Maya. (Our favorite Friday activity. We love you, Maya!) And on Saturday, I’m hosting an event at Macy’s. (I hope you can come! I’d love to meet you!) On Sunday, I have some freelance photography work that needs to get done, and–fingers crossed–the fireplace project is being completed. “Like” Kelly in the City on Facebook for regular updates! Mitch is convinced it’s happening, but I say there’s a two percent chance, haha. Jaded from being under construction for the better part of the year, I guess!

What are you up to this weekend?! Hope that wherever you are, you’re warmer than I am here in Chicago. ;)

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