The Big J.Crew Sale

Striped Jeans (SO SOFT! They run a little big, but I took my normal size.) / Cashmere Sweater / Laney Pumps — Take 40 percent off your order during J.Crew’s Spring Sale with code “SPRING”

I’m just going to go with a really easy blog post today if you don’t mind. But more important things, as I now tend to say often, are over on my Instagram account. ♥️ (Please, if you’re a medical professional, send your masked selfie and your story to

J.Crew is currently having its huge Spring Sale, during which you can take 40 percent off your order with code “SPRING.” As you guys probably know, I’m pretty obsessed with J.Crew 😉, so it was nice to mindlessly scroll through everything and pick things out for you, haha. Another mindless activity I’ve been enjoying is building Duplo lego castles. And cleaning out closets. That’s nice, too. 🙈

I should also mention that I waited by the window until the sidewalk was clear today to run out and snap this photo; we didn’t get my eyes open but YOU KNOW. I’m callin’ it a huge success. ;)

Here’s what I love from the sale! Most products are basics, perfect for stay-at-home wear… and I threw in a few other things in the hope that the devastation ends soon. ♥️

Okay! Here we go, mindless activity. :) I think this would look ADORABLE tucked into high-waisted jeans.

This is my favorite denim jacket. You know. For wearing when you roll down your window and stick your head out.

This is also beautiful… paired with jeans in a very light wash? Feelin’ it. It comes with the camisole, too!

The best J.Crew tee is MAJORLY on sale! I’m lovin’ the hot pink one. We all need a little color right now, no?

Another great white top. Apparently very soft.

Wow! The price on this one. This is the classic roll neck but scoop neck–great for the spring and cool summer nights.

Isn’t this cute?! A great alternative to the classic tee. The material is SO nice, too!

A little crazy but I’m here for it, and so is Carole. Yep. Drinking wine. It’s fine, guys.

SO CUTE. If I owned a single pair of shorts, these would be it.

I bought these last month and they’re PERFECT. I highly recommend. Insanely comfortable, don’t ride up, and the buttons are adorable. I really can’t recommend them more, out of everything I’m featuring here. TTS and wonderful.

This is the solid version! I have the pink but they come in a ton of different colors. Again, insanely comfortable. Good for throwing on for those Zoom meetings, I suppose.

The jeans I’m wearing in these photo! THEY MAKE ME FEEL GREAT! So soft and somehow kind of fancy. I wear them with sneakers, too. Everyone we’ve FaceTimed or Zoomed while I was wearing them was like NICE PANTS so there’s that. K, moving on. (TTS.)

Yasssssss. Everyone needs a pair of light-wash boyfriend/girlfriend jeans this year. This pair is soft. (Who likes stiff jeans? Apparently a LOT of people. I don’t get it. Tell me, if you’re one of those people.)

THESE ARE AMAZING. I feel like a bafoon for paying full-price for them because they’re so cheap today… but still worth it. Wildly soft and flattering. TTS.

I own. Highly recommend. Aren’t they so cute?! They come in white, too.


Here’s the zip version.

Stop. Adorable. Imagine if we had places to go…


If you don’t own this yet, Runs very big. Go one or two sizes down, and then enjoy the cozy.

Another great basic tee on crazy sale. Stock up!