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I really struggle with productivity on Monday mornings. I typically feel so overwhelmed that I find myself just staring at the computer screen, unsure of where to even start. Recently, though, I’ve been taking a couple of minutes on Sunday night to decide on what “task” I’ll tackle first the following morning–and it’s been incredibly helpful! In reality, the to-do list is obviously much longer than that one task, but accomplishing something right away kind of empowers me. (This Monday morning, for example, I’m shooting a freelance project that’s been hanging over my head for a while now, and then I’ll make the bigger to-do list and tackle it.)

A few days ago, I asked how you manage to stay productive on Monday mornings, and I thought it would make for a great blog post. Thank you for weighing in! If you weren’t able to before, and would like to add to the list today, simply add your suggestion in the comment section below and I’ll add it to the list.

But without further ado, here we go:

Reader Recommendations: How to be Productive on Mondays

  • Try using the Five Minute Journal, and diffuse tangerine oil. The combination prepares me for a productive week, while putting me in the happiest mood! -Kadi M.
  • To start the day, the first thing I always do is make my bed and turn on my diffuser with lemon essential oils. Smelling lemon truly helps with anxiety, and it mentally prepares me for the week, for sure! -Lauren R.
  • If you have kids, try scheduling a quick breakfast with a friend right after “kid drop off.” We chat, and then we’re both motivated to go home and tackle the to-do lists. -Darby M.
  • Pick out and “iron” your clothes the night before. Downy Wrinkle Releaser is a game-changer! -Karen M.
  • I added a rolling rack to my side of the bedroom to “outfit plan” for the week. My husband hates it, but boy do I save time! I also make the coffee the night before. It’s the little things, right? -Kellie
  • I select my clothes the night before. Then I put them in a separate hanging section. I used to hate doing it when I was little, but I just started doing it again in October and it really does make a difference! I also use a crock pot. I’ll prep it before going to bed and put the pot in before leaving for work in the morning, which makes dinner that night really easy! -Stephanie B.
  • I like to make healthy breakfast and lunch items ahead of time on Sundays to be ready for the week. My favorite make-ahead breakfast is overnight oats. My husband begs for these when he has been out of town! And a bonus: you can make a whole week’s worth of breakfasts on Sunday and sleep five minutes later every day. 😉 -Jessica I.
  • Do the hardest thing or the thing you’re dreading first. I heard an NPR story ages ago that talked about willpower and decision making as sort of “finite resources,” so if you do the most difficult thing first, you know you have the bandwidth (so to speak) to finish everything else. It also means that the thing you’re dreading isn’t looming over your head all day! -Erika D.
  • I text myself lists and reminders. It helps! -Laura G.
  • On Friday morning, make a to-do list of all the things left over from that week that need to be done before happy hour commences. No finish, no wine. ;) -Molly B.
  • Before heading out for the weekend, I make a list of what I need to get done on Monday morning and leave it on my keyboard. That way when I get into work, I can jump right into a task without getting lost in emails first! -Katie K.
  • Life changed when I started time blocking with a time cube (found on Amazon). The amazing Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential also uses this method, and if it works for her… -Kelly L.
  • I do meal planning on Sunday nights and submit a Kroger grocery pickup for Monday. It saves a ton of time not having to wonder around the grocery store on Mondays! -Julia W.
  • I set my iPhone alarm and get as much done as I can before I go to work–laundry, make lunches, clean up–and don’t allow myself to pick up my phone! -Shelley F.
  • On Sunday night, I always make sure my alarm tune is set to one of my current favorite songs. Makes waking up a little easier and starts the week right! -Shan B.
  • On Sunday night, I tackle a few emails and draft them. Then on Monday morning I can just click “send” and not have to worry about it. Sundays should be lazy but not wasted! -Kristina B.
  • I have a @simplifiedplanner and it has a list of Sunday prep items to do. Total lifesaver. I also try to have all the laundry washed and put away .(But this is usually is a lofty goal.) -Jessie F.

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