Mitch here!

I need to level with you. Despite the overabundance of Mitch gift guides this season, I’ve yet to buy a single gift. I’m totally screwed.

The “Mitch Larkin Approach to Holiday Shopping” involves:

  1. Laziness
  2. Procrastination
  3. Denial
  4. Acceptance
  5. Freak Out

And then I make a last-minute trip to Bloomingdales. At Bloomingdales, I can get the whole shebang accomplished in an afternoon, and on Christmas morning, I look like I actually planned ahead. They have an incredible selection, amazing deals, free shipping and easy returns!

Below you’ll find solid gifts for any guy on your list. Believe me: I’m a guy, and I love lists. I like writing them and crossing stuff off ’em. Sometimes I add things to lists even after I’ve accomplished them just so I can get the satisfaction of crossing them off.

The whole list thing is big for me. Love lists. So here we go!

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven / Twelve

  1. Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones: I recently posted about Taylor Swift’s new album, and I’d like to publicly declare that she’s won me over. Reputation is a 10/10; her greatest achievement to date. And if I had a pair of these Master & Dynamic headphones, I’d probably give the album a solid 20/10. They look great, fold easy for travel, and sound incredible.
  2. Coach Bleecker Leather Backpack: When I tell people I’m into leather, they get these weird looks on their faces. But if I had this backpack, they would likely respect me again. Also, I love things with New Yorky names, and Bleecker Street is a personal fave.
  3. Burberry Bi-Fold Wallet: Does anyone even use a trifold wallet? I feel like the bifold won that debate years ago and no one ever looked back. My wallet is out of my pocket more than I’d like to admit these days and with this Burberry one, I’d look better while Kelly spends all of our money. (Kelly here. WHAT?! Hahaha.)
  4. Mr. Burberry Perfume: This is the gift to give anyone who has ever wondered, “What does Mitch Larkin smell like?” Because I spray this stuff all over myself every morning. (Kelly here again. This is very true.)
  5. Barbour Holme Quilted Jacket: I’m not sure how Barbour did it, but they are now officially appropriate for any occasion. From Wall Street bankers to fancy farmhands, these things are beloved by everyone.
  6. Ribbed Fur Pom Hat: I’d like to officially declare my suspicion that a certain wife of mine threw my favorite Cubs hat away. I have no evidence but I can prove motive. Anyway, I’m currently hatless and my head is freezing because it is freaking cold outside. (Kelly: FULL DENY THIS! Plus, Mitch, I bought you a new hat because I felt badly for you. It’s in the coat closet.)
  7. Burberry Horseferry Check Belt: I’m a little frustrated with the limits of the male “uniform.” I should know because I’ve been a fashionable male for like six months. Leather shoes, jeans, button-down, blazer and watch, all day every day. The belt is the last bastion of unexplored outfit creativity, though. And this Burberry one is perfect. It has that Burberry plaid stuff!
  8. Waterford Tumbler Set: It’s a safe assumption that the guy you’re shopping for likes drinking alcohol out of fancy glasses. And as a dude of Irish decent I highly recommend these Waterford tumblers. Kelly and I have been to the factory in Waterford, Ireland and it was an absolute delight. Yes, an absolute delight.
  9. Polo Ralph Lauren Plaid Oxford: Can you guess who bought me this shirt? #30daysofplaid, represent.
  10. Ted Baker Nnyah Faux Fur Slippers: There aren’t many things I’m good at, but being lazy in my house is one of them. I bet it’s impossible to be stressed out while wearing these things. They’re like Xanax for your feet.
  11. Stanley Classic Growler: This thing keeps 64 oz of beer cold for 24 hours. I doubt I would need 24 hours to get through 64 oz of beer, but still: pretty cool!
  12. Vineyard Vines Baseball Cap: As previously mentioned, I’m hatless. My head is freely exposed to the ravages of the Chicago winter. While I still hold out hope that Kelly will have the decency to return the Cubs hat to its rightful owner, I’m open to a little Vineyard Vines love in my stocking.

Mitch. Out.

In collaboration with Bloomingdales. All opinions are my own. As always, thank you so much for supporting the partnerships that keep Kelly in the City up and running!