Girls' Winter Clothes

Puffer Jacket / Floral Print Turtleneck Dress / Navy Ribbed Turtleneck Dress / Pink Fleece Sweatshirt Dress / Sherpa Half-Snap Pullover / Knit Mittens / Double Pom Pom Beanie / Pull-On Jeans / Cozy Everyday Leggings / White Ruffle-Neck Longsleeve T-Shirt / Soft Crewneck Sweatshirt / Navy Striped Sweater / Grey Sparkle Sweater

I am very passionate about little girls’ clothing, and Lucy and Emma are equally as into it as I am. It’s just so cute and fun, haha. And since this cold wintery weather isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I’m sharing some of my favorite girls’ winter clothes we’ve owned and loved and others I have my eye on!

As I’m writing this, J.Crew is having some major sales on kids’ clothing, so I thought I’d mention that if your kids have outgrown their old clothes and you’re in the process of cleaning out their closets and looking to stock up on some great basics.

Puffer Jacket: This puffer jacket is one of those pieces we own and love so much that Emma and Lucy have it in multiple colors. It’s wonderfully warm and stands up to even the worst Chicago winters year after year.

Floral Print Turtleneck Dress: This soft turtleneck dress has the most beautiful tulip print. I’d style it with a pair of cozy leggings or footless tights.

Navy Ribbed Turtleneck Dress: Love this navy ribbed turtleneck dress. I’d also pair this with cozy leggings or footless tights for the colder weather. And this dress is machine washable, which is a must for all kids’ clothes.

Pink Fleece Sweatshirt Dress: Such a cute dress style! I always try to buy comfy clothing the girls can really play in, but sometimes they request only to wear a dress, and on those days, this one would be perfect paired with some warm leggings.

Sherpa Half-Snap Pullover: How soft does this sherpa look?! I kind of want one for myself, haha.

Knit Mittens: Love these little mittens, a must for cold days and way easier to get on tiny hands than gloves.

Double Pom Pom Beanie: This double pom-pom beanie is too cute and matches the mittens. It comes in cream and pink as well.

Pull-On Jeans: We love these pull-on jeans. It makes getting everyone dressed and ready in the mornings a lot easier.

Cozy Everyday Leggings: Cozy and warm leggings are a must-have winter basic. They can be worn with sweaters and dresses alike.

White Ruffle-Neck Longsleeve T-Shirt: A cute style of an everyday basic white T-shirt. Stains are bound to happen to a crisp white tee, so I’d go ahead and order some of this stuff which is safe to use on whites! Before I started using it, I thought a good amount of the girls’ winter clothes was “beyond repair.” No matter what I tried, I just couldn’t get the stains out, but lo, this stuff is magic!

Soft Crewneck Sweatshirt: Love this subtle pink soft sweatshirt.

Navy Striped Sweater: This is a wonderfully soft navy striped sweater that will definitely get passed down to siblings.

Grey Sparkle Sweater: A cute crewneck sweater with sparkles woven into the marled yarn.