Friday support for My Block My Hood My City

Hello, Friends.

I’m still bit shaken, and I’m struggling to put my feelings into words now that I finally have the girls down for the night. So I think I’m going to go head and cancel today’s usual “content,” and direct your attention to my most worthwhile post of the week, published yesterday.

I’d love it if you gave it a read and considered supporting My Block My Hood My City in whatever way possible. (One easy way is buying a gorgeous silk tie! They make for great Valentine’s Day gifts!) Another amazing organization is MASK Chicago, which Mitch and I have been in awe of this year.

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed and sad and pulled in a zillion different directions—perhaps by adorable small children who are understandably “business as usual”—I’m right there with you. Hugging my daughters a little tighter this week, and promising that I’ll do what I can to ensure a better future for them in this country. ♥️