Recent Finds: Free People Kolby Scarf, striped sweater, leopard loafers, & more!

Sweater (It’s available here, too. Also love this one!) / Scarf (Similar here) / Loafers (Solid version here) / Jeans (Also adore this pair.) / Coach Bag (Also love this similar one and this similar one.) / Cable-Knit Blanket

^ My I’m-staying-inside-today-but-still-wearing-a-scarf-because-it’s-THAT-cold-outfit.


You guys did it. Just by listening to me babble about my post-holiday blues, you helped me get over them. Okay. Maybe I’m not 100-percent over them, but I’m definitely getting happier. Yesterday was a much better day, and I was somewhat motivated to be productive. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep seems to positively impact my outlook, as does eating right and reserving time for relaxation and fun. Like I said before, I think post-holiday hangovers are normal, and it’s important to be kind to myself in early (and perhaps mid and late) January!

A few fun life updates:

  • We’re going to Florida! Mitch and I decided that we needed something to look forward to, and my parents felt the same. We’re planning on going to Naples–since none of us have ever been–sometime in February. Planning on booking the flights and Airbnb this weekend! Have you ever been to Naples? Any recommendations?
  • I’m starting to become interested in turning our guest room into a guest room/play room, as we’re currently in need of more space. As much as I love our navy MegMade dresser, I think it’s time to let it go. If you live in Chicago and are interested, email Mitch at It’s in perfect condition as we rarely use that room. :) Anyway, I’d like to put some bins and a play kitchen on that wall, and just make it a kid-friendly room overall. Certainly don’t have a plan at this point, but god knows I’ll be asking Kira. <– Best interior designer in Chicago!
  • Speaking of projects, our kitchen is DONE and I can’t wait to share it with you! The only thing is that we’re still waiting on our microwave. As soon as that comes in, though, I’ll be doing a big post on it. :) You can see a sneak peek here.
  • I’m kind of getting into cooking. GASP. Okay — I should probably rephrase: I’m kind of enjoying spending time in my kitchen. Yes, I’m sure it’s because of the remodel. But I’ve also been going food shopping a lot (on account of boredom), and I’ve been getting somewhat adventurous. (For me. Which means eating more than just mac and cheese and plain salads.) My bff Jess is always talking about her favorite finds from Trader Joe’s, so maybe I’ll do a post soon on my favorites?! (Which will likely be hilarious but whatever, haha.)
  • I received SO many great indoor kid-friendly activities from you guys on Instagram! We’re going on an adventure tomorrow and taking a ton of photos, and then sometime next week, I’ll share those and include a list of everything you suggested. Have an idea? Add in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to include it.

On to this week’s “Recent Finds”:


My favorite (and only) pair of workout leggings is BACK IN STOCK! I’m such a fan. They’re insanely soft, they’re navy, and they have cute cutouts. Did I tell you that we joined Midtown Athletic Club in the fall? Actually going to do a post on how great it is soon!

OBSESSED. I took it in a size small. Couldn’t recommend enough. So soft, and a great way to add navy stripes back into your wardrobe. (#30daysofplaid messed me up, haha.)

Just ordered these because I spilled brownie batter all over my old pair! (First world probs.) Take an extra 30 percent off with code “2018.” So reasonable!

Okay. I’ve never been a fan of the whole overalls trend, UNTIL NOW. Guys, I’m going for it. Stay tuned.

One of my favorite sweater dresses of the year–which I’m now realizing has never made it to the blog–is back in stock in a lot of sizes.


It’s flannel. But it looks like a regular shirt. Cold Girls unite.


I’ve said it for years and I’ll say it again: if you’ve always dreamt of owning a Burberry scarf but didn’t want to spend the money, this is for you! It’s technically the kids’ version, but it TOTALLY fits adults and is super cute. (It’s actually a little big on me!) It sells out quickly, FYI.

Another amazing navy and white striped sweater find.

I adore these. Paired with a turtleneck and cute chunky heels? Donezo.

I’ve never been more in love with a loafer…

Navy velvet leggings!

OMG OMG OMG. It’s like the Club Monaco sweater but a zillion times cheaper! I can’t.

Finally investing in some quality loungewear that isn’t plaid. I love these pants!

And this hoodie!

Hate the shoes the model is wearing. But see past those and I adore the pants.

Guys, I need a new pair of super soft and low- or mid-rise skinny jeans. I’m thinkin’ these, but help a girl out.

Corduroy leggings!

Tweed leggings. I’m really into leggings because I love oversized sweaters. Sorry for the overload. ;)