Easy Kids' Crafts

^ I made this. No big deal.

One of my favorite 2020 mom hacks is quickly typing something like “penguin kids craft” into Pinterest and creating my own little version of it for Emma. At this point in the pandemic, I can put a simple art project together using just the contents of our arts & crafts drawer and other household items in less than five minutes.


Listen: You don’t have to painstakingly plan and organize an original craft the night before in order to be a great mom. Real Life On-The-Fly Moms are just as awesome, and while they might make drunk-looking penguins instead of perfect ones, kids are none the wiser and just as happy. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when Pinterest Moms have already done it for you! 😜

Here are some of our recent (hilariously bad) art projects inspired by broad Pinterest searches. I think it’s pretty obvious how we made them, so I won’t insult your intelligence and write out a long list of directions and materials. But I did include some tips. ;)

Happy crafting!

Easy Kids' Crafts

Frozen Elsa toilet paper tube dolls

I highly recommend investing in a glue gun if you plan on trying this. I only had Elmer’s glue, and that resulted in waiting a long time for parts to dry and then eventually resorting to scotch tape.

Easy Kids' Crafts

Paper plate rainbows

Paper plate projects are the BEST. Look how many of them are on Pinterest! It’s insane. The possibilities are endless, and they’re mostly very easy.

Easy Kids' Crafts

Paper plate whales

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Poor Fred. He got into an accident on the EAC but he’s getting better every day.

Easy Kids' Crafts

Coffee filter butterflies

I shared our butterflies on Instagram, and so many people messaged to tell me that you should have the kids color the coffee filters with markers, and use paintbrush and water afterwards. I did not think of this, haha. We used food coloring and droppers. (And sponges!) Seemed to work fine, but is WAS a mess, and I’d probably listen to the elementary school teachers. ;)

That one-eyed butterfly is terrifying, btw.

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Egg heads


We got these stickers from the book The Great Eggscape, but there are so many awesome face stickers on Amazon. You can do it to veggies and fruit, too; it’ll make eating them way more fun for the kids! (Or you. I won’t judge.) Just be sure to take the stickers off first. ;)

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Pom animals

Another project that would have gone a lot better with a hot glue gun. But these were really fun, and I was very impressed with how easily you can shove the felt into the poms. It sticks!

Any fun art projects you’ve done with your kiddos recently?! Please let me know!