Cute Winter Accessories

Striped Scarf / Caramel Pom-Pom Beanie / Ribbed Cream Scarf / Twist Headband / Ribbed Cream Cashmere Beanie / Sherpa Mittens / Merino Wool Cuffed Beanie / Plaid Scarf / Pom-Pom Fair Isle Beanie / Sherpa Twist Ear Warmer Headband / Cable-Knit Fringe Scarf / Chunky Cable-Knit Mittens / Red Plaid Scarf / Ribbed Texting Gloves / Chunky Cable-Knit Beanie / Grey Pom-Pom Beanie

Cute and warm winter accessories are a MUST for me this time of the year. It’s truly one of the things that get me through a harsh Chicago winter. And you really can never have too many in your rotation. Bundling up in the same puffer coat and snow boots can get old quickly, so accessorizing with different hats, scarfs, and mittens is an easy way to change up your winter uniform. Whether you’re more into neutrals or love a pop of color, I’ve gathered some cute winter accessories that are sure to keep you nice and toasty and hopefully bring a little joy to a super cold day.

Striped Scarf: This neutral super soft striped scarf is perfect if you want to switch things up from solid-colored accessories.

Caramel Pom-Pom Beanie: A pom-pom beanie is a winter staple, and this ribbed beanie with a fur pom-pom is one of my favorites.

Ribbed Cream Scarf: This cream-colored ribbed scarf is so versatile and can easily be styled with any outfit.

Twist Headband: Depending on how cold it gets where you live, this is a cute way to keep your ears warm without having to deal with hat hair.

Ribbed Cream Cashmere Beanie: Such a cute and classic beanie if you’re looking for one without a pom-pom.

Sherpa Mittens: I’ll take mittens over gloves any day, and these look wonderfully cozy!

Merino Wool Cuffed Beanie: Love this merino wool sage green beanie. The color is just so pretty!

Plaid Scarf: A really gorgeous way to add a little pop of pink for a statement.

Pom-Pom Fair Isle Beanie: Feels like a quintessential winter hat.

Sherpa Twist Ear Warmer Headband: Another ear warmer headband, and this sherpa one would be especially cozy.

Cable-Knit Fringe Scarf: A super warm chunky cable-knit scarf, and the knit tassels are such a cute touch.

Chunky Cable-Knit Mittens: Love the matching chunky cable-knit mittens to the scarf above!

Red Plaid Scarf: A beautiful statement piece!

Ribbed Texting Gloves: The only downside to mittens is that you can’t really use your hands haha, so these texting gloves would be my next pick in terms of convenience. 

Chunky Cable-Knit Beanie: I’m all for a cable-knit beanie!

Grey Pom-Pom Beanie: The crisscross ribbed knit is gorgeous, and the pom-pom is even removable for easy cleaning!