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Sebago Loafers c/o / J.Crew Factory Skirt / Uniqlo Shirt c/o / Coach Bag / C.Wonder Bracelet (Old, but this is my newest bracelet obsession!) / Moon and Lola Earrings (Old, newer styles here)

It’s been freakishly warm in Chicago lately. I mean, at some point over the weekend, I think it hit 70 degrees. While temps are projected to dip this week, I’ve loved wearing skirts and dresses without shivering. Pretty sure I belong in the South. ;)

Mitch and I spent most of Saturday getting cleaning and organizing the house, and preparing for our holiday party. (Which was amazing! So lucky to have such great friends in Chicago.) You know when you’re having guests over, and it’s kind of a mad dash to get things in order? It’s hell while you’re doing it (especially when you’ve been living out a suitcase for the past few months, and have a LOT of dust to deal with from your basement’s excavation, haha)… but then it’s pure bliss when you’re done. The place is cleaner and more organized than it’s been in months! So refreshing. It’s going to be a productive week.

Anyway, during our little cleaning spree, Mitch and I ducked out for a little while to walk down to Floriole–in the wonderful warmth–for a coffee break. I slipped on my favorite plaid shirt of the season and my go-to navy penny loafers from Sebago, which I keep by the door. They feature buttery-soft leather and are the comfiest shoes I’ve worn in a long time. And did I mention that I’m wearing them in December?!

“The Warmest December, Part 2” coming soon. ;)

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