The $12 Miracle Glide Thru Detangling Brush

A few weeks ago, I received a press e-mail about the $12 Glide Thru Detangling Brush on Amazon and I uncharacteristically opened it (because I’m obsessed with anything that’ll help with hair loss) and LET’S JUST SAY I WAS INFLUENCED. 😆

Yes, I bought the brush.

And let me tell you:

YOU NEED IT. It’s by far the best brush I’ve ever used. I’m currently going through something and am losing a ton of hair daily. (I’m totally fine; ran loads of tests and it looks like it’s just a product of 2020. Far worse things, so whatever! Taking new vitamins and trying to change some routines and will likely be sporting a short ‘do soon. 😉) Normally, I find a lot of hair in my brush after brushing… especially after getting out of the shower. With the Glide Thru, though, I swear to goodness: I FOUND ONE HAIR the first time I used it.

Of course, you still need to be careful while using it if you’re someone who’s also prone to hair loss. Don’t just go crazy with it; responsibly start from the bottom of your hair and gradually move up as you detangle the lower parts. ;) But it’s very good—and it’s surprisingly only $12 on Amazon. (Mind blown.)

Things you should know:

  • The brush works when you hair is wet OR dry.
  • It has something called Real-Flex bristles, which gently separate hair, thus reducing both pain and breakage. It doesn’t pull or tug on your scalp, which means less hair loss. Hallelujah! And it doesn’t hurt. (Going to get Emma one, too, because of this!)
  • It saves time. Because it effortlessly removed knots and tangles—and it really does!—it dramatically reduces how long it takes to brush your hair.
  • It’s small! It has a strange shape, and I was initially put off by that. But it’s designed to fit into your palm, I think because that distributes things better and reduces hair loss even more. (Just guessing. Not sure about that, haha.) The small shape is great and while it probably wouldn’t work with a clutch, when was the last time anyone carried a clutch around here?! Love that it’s discrete-looking, too. I think I could get away with brushing my hair in public without too many people noticing considering my hand covers most of it! (Might just look like I’m patting my hair down?! Ha!)

Okay, I’m writing this at like 1 a.m., so it’s best I go. Sorry for all the errors.


Peace and love,