Guys. C.Wonder’s dachshund loafers are finally here! I am beyond excited. I’ve been waiting for these things for what seems like forever, and they’re just as fabulous as I’d hoped.

I’m obsessed with hot dog dogs. Like, crazed. (Jessie Holmes Springer, you understand.) I wish I could have one, but unfortunately my urban lifestyle–and my apartment building–won’t allow for it. But when I leave New York, the first thing I’m doing is getting my doxie. I even have the name picked out: “Noodle.” Perfect, right?! Nickname: “Noods.”

In the meantime, at least I’ll be able to “walk” these puppies whenever I want. Swoon. Love these shoes as much as I do? Grab them before they’re gone! Something tells me they’ll be sold out rather quickly. ;) Check out C.Wonder’s doxie sweater, too. Happy Friday, everyone!