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How to Make an Outdoor Movie Theater

How to Make an Outdoor Movie Theater

Mitch here!

Grab your popcorn, pour a soda, silence your cell phones and put your feet up… because we did it! The outdoor movie theater is finally a reality and I didn’t even break anything while putting it all together. Kill the string lights because outdoor movie nights, here we come.

20+ Things 3/22 Larkins with friends

20+ Things, 3/22

Dinner + a show with our friends Peter and Bradley over the weekend!

Hello! No introductions needed at this point. Let’s just jump right in:

The Year Ahead - Sledding Lincoln Park Chicago

The Year Ahead

My favorite photo from winter break!

Hi! I’ve missed you. Do you mind if I ramble on for a bit on my first day back in this space?


How’s it going for you so far? I’ve personally had a bit of rocky start, and have been vacillating between feelings of renewed clarity and feelings of defeat.