Over the last year, I’ve gravitated more and more towards neutral outfits. For starters, it makes getting dressed in the mornings so much easier, haha. And it’s like having a capsule wardrobe where every piece seamlessly pairs with the rest in your closet. Sticking to neutral tones doesn’t have to be boring; instead, you can play with layering, textures, and silhouettes to add a bit of contrast to an outfit. To give you some inspiration, I’m sharing three easy and versatile neutral tone outfit ideas, from weekend wear to looks that can transition from day to night.

Weekend Wear

3 Neutral Tone Outfits - weekend wear

Pullover Sweatshirt / Demi-Boot Jeans / Baseball Hat / Pearl Earrings / Leather Crossbody Bag / Tortoise Sunglasses / Veja Sneakers

There’s nothing more classic than a pullover, jeans, and sneaker combo on the weekend. It would be an ideal outfit for running errands or getting lunch that’s comfortable yet still polished. I’m starting with one of my recent obsessions: this light grey pullover sweatshirt. I love it because it’s an extremely versatile piece in my closet and looks elevated even paired with jeans. Additionally, I love this pair of light wash demi-boot jeans for spring and this new Veja sneaker colorway. To tie the look together, wear a navy baseball hatpearl earrings, a leather crossbody bag, and grab a pair of sunglasses, these are under $30, and you’re ready to head out the door. 

Day to Night

3 Neutral Tone Outfits - Day to Night

Square-Neck Blouse / Demi-Boot Jeans / Bow Necklace / Bracelets / Reversible Tote Bag / Loafers

I love a look that can easily transition from day to night. For this neutral outfit, it’s all about playing with silhouettes. First, I love the square neckline of this black blouse. I think it makes it look so elegant. Next, I’d tuck the blouse into a pair of demi-boot jeans. The silhouette of this style is extremely flattering. For shoes, this pair of loafers is one of my favorites and is very comfortable in the daytime. Accessorize with a gold bow necklace, gold bracelets, and a large tote bag. This one is under $50 and reversible. I absolutely love it! Then at night, swap out the loafers and tote bag for a pair of heels and a cute crossbody. So simple!

Cute and Cozy

Cute and Cozy neutral tone outfit

Marled Crewneck Sweater / Black Jeans / Relaxed Lightweight Jacket / Black Bag / Hoop Earrings / Black Leather Mules

Layering is a simple way to elevate any neutral outfit, so I’m layering a lightweight zip-up jacket with a wonderfully soft crewneck sweater for this cute and cozy look. The light cream sweater and tan jacket work well together, and to add some contrast, I’d style it with black jeans and black accessories. I love this black bag’s shape and texture, and the leather mules are a great transitional shoe. Lastly, add some gold jewelry like these mini hoops to tie everything together, and your outfit is complete.