dachshund covered in paint dust | 10 Things 8/16

Noodle covered in paint dust. ^ (Always a project going on around here!) Outdoor Rug / Kids’ Picnic Table / Kids’ Bistro Chairs


  • THE HUMIDITY. Felt like it was the only thing Chicagoans were talking about last week, and I’m so going to regret complaining about this in a few months when eternal cold sets in. But woof. Walked Lucy to peewee the other day and didn’t know if we’d make it. 😆 We were dripping. We had less extreme temps over the weekend, though, and it was lovely! I also looked less like someone who stuck her finger in an electrical outlet.
  • Semicolon is moving! Semicolon is an awesome Black women-owned bookstore, and they recently announced that they’re moving to Wicker Park! I’m pretty excited about this, as I love grabbing dinner over there. Will be nice to bring the girls there before or after. :)
  • My friend Danielle and her daughter Margot teamed up with Monica and Andy on this beautiful line of children’s clothing to benefit children’s cancer research through Alex’s Lemonade. Everything is beautiful and the fabric is so soft. The girls absolutely adore their new dresses, and we’re in awe of the effort the Scanlon Family has put into bettering the lives of children with cancer. You guys rock!
  • We went down to my in-laws’ lake house over the weekend to visit Emma. It was THE BEST. My mother- and father-in-law host something called “Gammy Camp” every summer, and the kids just adore it. They really are the most incredible grandparents. They plan approximately one zillion activities and go full-speed for a solid week and a half with four kiddos. Major props to my older niece and nephew who help out big-time with the smaller kids. We’re one very lucky family.
  • Mitch saw Green Day and Weezer with his friends at Wrigley Stadium. I obviously didn’t go, but from the photos and videos he is currently sending me (as I write this), I can tell that it was a bonding experience. Grateful for this awesome group of guys he has here in Chicago. They’re some great dudes.
  • My mom is coming next week! Eeeee! This is the only way that Emma is not going to be heartbroken leaving Gammy Camp this coming week, and I’m so grateful to my mom. She even shipped a bunch of arts and crafts to do with the girls. 😭 Really looking forward to having some quality time with her myself, too. :)
  • Here are my favorite beauty products available via Amazon. I spent a fair amount of time combing through the site and finding my favorites! It’s pretty crazy that most of the good stuff—with the exception of makeup—is available through it. Makes #momlife a lot easier, no?
  • Read: Los Angeles Magazine’s exclusive with Ryan Adams. Ugh. I will always be on the side of the women he hurt, but this was a tough one—from a humanistic point of view—to read. I really do hope that he survives this chapter, grows as a person, and finds peace. Even more, I hope that he’s able to somehow make a positive impact on society and popular culture afterward.
  • One Home Project Every Day update: FAIL, hahaha. I think I missed Emma too much this past week to be productive on this font. But it’s fine! I wiped down countertops, tidied, and kept up with the laundry every day. So perhaps I didn’t fail. 😜
  • We met up with Jess and Neal (and Baby June!) last week and it was so nice. The four of us have been best friends since we moved to Chicago… but we have rarely been in the same life phase. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be in parenthood together. I was teary eyed sitting there together, catching up with our little girls in tow. Love you guys. This is only the beginning of so much family fun! ♥️
  • We tried Old Pueblo on Webster in Lincoln Park and it was AMAZING. I highly recommend this restaurant. The chips and guac—which they’ll make without cilantro!—is reason enough to go. (Seriously the best I’ve ever had.) And the staff was insanely kind and friendly. AND we made new friends. (Hi, Olivia + Evan!)
  • I’ve been having a hard time with productivity lately. Building on what I said above, I’m thinking it’s just because I was without Emma last week. Ironic, no? I thought I was going to accomplish all the things, but I almost found myself moping—for lack of a better phrase—when I finally had some free time. Funny how that works, huh? I’m going to assume that when she gets back, I’ll find my motivation again. ;)
  • I spilled a glass of wine into my keyboard and it made my keyboard better. Everything feels softer. Typing is just more enjoyable. I’m cracking up.
  • Get vaccinated. Please.