10+ Things, 4/5 Dudley Stephens Stripes

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Oh, hey! Jumping right in today:

We’re back from Mississippi! It was a LONG drive home, and we’re totally wrecked from it, haha. Can’t say that we’ll be doing another road trip anytime soon, but Mississippi was awesome and I’m so glad we went. Really good for the mind and soul, and that sunshine was so, so helpful. More to come on the experience!

Has anyone tried allergy tabs? I did allergy shots back when we lived in New York and they worked amazingly well. (I suffer from horrible seasonal allergies and sinus infections.) It was a huge hassle, though, and I was always running around the city like crazy trying to get my weekly shot in. Now that I have kids with activities and unpredictable schedules and whatnot, I assume it’ll be even harder. BUT last year I learned about these new allergy tabs, which apparently work the same and can be taken at home?! I’m very, very interested. It’s also been a long time since I tried an over-the-counter allergy medication, so I’m trying Claritin. Fingers crossed!

Can we talk about how much of a mood-booster it is to have music playing in the house at all times? I’ve been making a concerted effort to turn it on every morning and keep it on, and it’s been absolutely lovely. If you’re looking for new tunes, here are all my Spotify playlists. Started making them last year and have been kind of keeping up with it!

“One home project every day update”: I obviously didn’t do anything while in Mississippi, but I here are a few things I accomplished beforehand!

  • Cleaned out bathroom cabinets: I did mine a few months ago, but I tackled the rest of the bathrooms and it feels great. Funny how few products we actually use yet how much builds up over time. Goodbye, clutter! (Getting ready in the morning is now such a joy!)
  • Hung a Sara Fitz print in our bedroom: It’s the bathing suit one! I had it in the laundry room beforehand but it didn’t work with the (ADORABLE) Sara Fitz Striped Shirt wallpaper we recently hung. Looks really cute in our bedroom, though. It’s right outside the bathroom.
  • Put together cute storage bins for the bottom of the stairs in the playroom: I had these on a bookshelf for the girls’ toys, but moved them to the built-ins at the bottom of the stairs and they’re perfect there! (Only had to order a couple more to fill the shelves.) Can’t believe how much more organized the room looks when now enter.
  • Changed the coat closet over to (mostly) spring: IT WAS TIME. I also donated/gave away a bunch of coats that I didn’t need. That felt good.
  • Somehow got all the kitchen hardware in time: Will report back on kitchen progress soon, but it’s coming together!
  • DID ALL THE LAUNDRY: Mom feat.

We took Noodle to the vet: It’d been over a year with Covid! Ugh. So glad we got her there, though. (And a friendly reminder to try to bring your pet if it’s been a while for him/her as well!)

I’m so happy with our new dinnerware from Target! It’s been maybe a year since we ordered it and it’s held up exceptionally well. Zero scratches, washes like a dream, and is a fraction of the cost of the designer versions. Highly recommend if you’re looking to replace/upgrade!

Lucy has been staying up ridiculously late, singing to herself in her crib: It’s the cutest thing but I also need to get this kid to bed at an appropriate time, haha. The other night she was up until 10 p.m. serenading the house! I don’t even know, guys.

Retin-A Micro update: My skin is getting much better but I’m only using it once per week now, and to be honest, I’m not sure I want to continue with it. It was just so harsh on my skin. I know you’re supposed to give it months to work its magic but it’s been a trip and I want to go home, haha. I may instead just use it in certain areas that are less sensitive.

I want to start framing photos of extended family and friends: Do you know the song “Crowded Table” by the Highwomen? If not, please give it a listen! There’s one line about how friends’ and family members’ photos are “on the wall,” and every time I hear it, I think about how I want that. To make the people who mean the world to us feel that love, you know? I’m the worst at printing and framing photos, but here’s hoping I get my act together this year and do it. In case you’re looking for services, I love MPix and Adorama’s Printique.

Emma’s dance recital costume is IN: I’m dying. It’s the cutest most outrageous getup ever and she and her girlfriends are totally in love. It’s so sweet. I hear that the recital is going to be this summer outside somewhere, and I can’t wait. It’s going to be epic.

Lucy is saying “Mama” all the time and my heart is full: Lucy said “Mama” last year for a while, but then she totally dropped it in favor of “Dada.” HEART. BROKEN. Ha! But now she says “Mama” all day every day and I’m beside myself. She is just darling. I wish you guys could get to know her! She’s just the funniest, sweetest little person. I love experiencing her milestones and feel so lucky she’s ours. <3

These tiny foldable outdoor chairs are great: We brought them to Mississippi and were so impressed! They’re very lightweight and fold up into a little carrying tote. Very comfortable and they have mesh bottoms which are great for when you sit down after going swimming. (They never get very wet!) Love that little kids can climb into them without assistance, too. Very excited to use these at Chicago beaches this summer.

Wilco responded to an Instagram Story I posted and I freaked out: I’ll be honest and admit that I almost had a heart attack.

Have you tried the new Pantene Rescue line?! The shots have long been my favorite, but the new conditioner and mix-in stuff is pretty fantastic, too. If you suffer from dry, brittle or straw-like hair, PURCHASE NOW. The stuff turns my hair into silk, and everything is super inexpensive. I always say this but I kind of can’t believe it’s real!

Our benches have been reupholstered: I LOVE the playroom benches. I like the kitchen bench. This kitchen will be the death of me. 😆

I ordered these inexpensive stools for the kitchen: Haven’t put them together yet. Big shout out to my neighbor Dave for handling their delivery while we were away. WE LOVE YOU, DAVE.

We’re still LOVING Blue Apron: It’s so good, guys. It’s made life very enjoyable; kind of brings me back to my 20s when Mitch and I used to cook a lot. Up until Blue Apron, dinner time was normally pretty stressful unless we settled on a very easy kids’ meal. Now, though, we have restaurant-quality meals as a family or together after the kids go to bed, and cooking them is easy and fun. I also feel like it saves us money since we don’t have to buy the ingredients in higher quantities like we would if we were buying for cookbook recipes on our own. High five to that.

For skinny jean fans, these are spectacular: They’re REALLY good. Ultra-flattering and insanely comfortable. Just a great classic pair of medium-wash jeans you’ll wear for years. Highly recommend!