10 Things 1/12 Faux fur throw

Faux Fur Throw / Leather Chesterfield Couch (We LOVE it!) / Gingham Pillow

  • We’re watching “The Queen’s Gambit.” I’m sure that 90 percent of you have already seen it, but for the small percentage of you who haven’t yet, watch it! It was a little slow-moving and depressing for my liking in the beginning, but I was hooked within the third or fourth episode. Keep with it! I’ve been looking forward to it every night. I’m seriously writing this post as quickly as possible so I can still have time to watch tonight, haha! (I also need to admit that I have no idea how to actually turn it on. I just fully rely on Mitch for all my television viewing. Netflix? Hulu? YouTube? I have no freakin’ idea where it lives and I LIKE IT THAT WAY.)
  • Sammy and Charls set a date! Not sure if you saw this post over the summer, but my cousin recently became engaged to the love of her life and I can’t wait for 2022—due to the pandemic—on Nantucket to celebrate them. I’m just so unbelievably happy for them and as Emma says, it’s going to be “epic.”
  • I’m considering an artificial Christmas tree for next year. Specifically this one! (The unlit one since it’s so much cheaper.) I know. For years I’ve sworn that I’d never go faux, but 2020 did a number on me. Granted, all of the tree drama was because of COVID and some bad bungee cords, and COVID won’t be forever. But… I’ve checked out. 😂 Thoughts?
  • Are you going crazy with small children at home with you? Try sand art. My next-door neighbor Nicki did sand art with her kiddos last week and she couldn’t stop raving about how much her girls loved it. I bought this $4.99 kit on Amazon and it’s been a HUGE hit. We did two the first night, and it’s going to provide an additional two days of hours-long activity time. If you’re on the struggle bus, give it a try.
  • I’m back on my “one home project a day” thing. It’s a silly thing, but it’s really giving me a sense of accomplishment, and it’s improving the whole family’s day-to-day. Thus far, we’ve taken down all the Christmas decor, reorganized the kitchen cabinets, and cleaned out the basement closet. I’m a walking cliche, but it feels amazing, especially this year!
  • Have you tried The Laundress? WOW. I worked with the company last year, and I still have a few bottles, which I’d been saving for this winter. (Love saving little luxuries for Chicago winters!) The only products I use are the the wool/cashmere detergent and the silks/delicates detergent, which saves me trips to the dry cleaners and therefore a ton of time and money. Highly recommend. I also adore the Le Labo detergent, but it’s very expensive, so I only put a squirt or two into each load. A little goes a long way, though! Smells so good!
  • I’m having a hard time with the weather. Maybe I should rephrase that. I’m having a hard time in general. I wouldn’t say that I’m depressed, but I am sad. Feeling heavy. Everything is just… a lot. Taking a walk (without fail) every morning has really been helping, though, and I’m trying my best to go no matter what, even when temps are in the 20s.
  • In keeping with that, I bought rechargable heated mittens and rechargeable hand warmers. I considered just getting a ton of hand warmers, but bah. That seemed wasteful and I just remember those things not working very well during family ski trips. I haven’t received them yet but I’ll report back soon with my findings. I’ll be heartbroken if they don’t work so cross your fingers for me!
  • Our dishwasher broke and we’re devastated, haha. Ugh. Adulting is hard. Does anyone have a dishwasher they love?! Please share, because the hot water part of our faucet ALSO broke (just an unfortunate coincidence) and doing the dishes in freezing cold water in the middle of a Chicago winter is pretty rough. We need to get this taken care of ASAP! (Also, the simpler the dishwasher, the better. We want zero bells and whistles and all the straightforwardness.) Oh, our humidifier also broke… and my hair is now a giant tangled ball. Haaaalp.
  • Are you looking to buy or sell a home in Chicago? Consider our friend Conor Scanlon! He and Danielle are two of our best friends in the Chicagoland area, and he’s truly the best of the best in the real estate industry. He not only deterred us from making some really bad decisions but also found our dream home and secured it for us. (You can get in touch with him at conorscanlon@gmail.com.)
  • Get these Christmas tree/garland storage bags! We bought them for our garland, and they hold SO much and are crazy sturdy! I know. It’s annoying to have to buy storage containers. It’s not a fun purchase. But if I learned anything from Marie Kondo, it’s that everything needs a home… and these bags are just that for our holiday greenery!
  • If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day present for your Chicago-loving significant other, consider one of M3’s silk ties. This is what I got Mitch! I love the blue tie with the red stars, and I adore everything that M3 stands for and works toward. If you’re a Chicagoan, it’s a must-have this season! (Also a reminder that our old lives are just around the corner.)
  • For Pete’s Sake Pottery’s newest collection is the cutest ever. I mean, COME ON! I’m loving everything. The Valentine’s Day products are downright adorable!
  • I’m way over 10 bullet points. Fail. 😆