If you read this post on how to find and restore vintage Coach bags, you know how crazy I am about the brand’s classics. They’re hard to find, though! In all honesty, I’m continuously disappointed by the company’s choices in creative direction. I think this article sums my feelings up very well. 😂 Coach, bring back those timeless styles from the 70s, 80s and 90s!

Recently, though, the company came out with a few styles that are in keeping with its roots. Here are my faves:

One (Also available at Nordstrom) / Two (In stock at Nordstrom, too) / Three / Four / Five (Also at Nordstrom) / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven (Also available at Nordstrom) / Twelve

#1 and #11: (Also available at Nordstrom.) This is probably the best of all. It’s the Willis Top Handle, and it features a popular silouette from the 1990s. (I comes with a crossbody strap, too!) The iconic everyday bag, made with glovetanned leather, comes in black, light brown and yellow, and it has the exact same frame as the original. I’m feelin’ it, as it looks a lot like my Coach Court Bag. (See below.) Also, Blair Eadie carries the Willis often, and it looks fabulous on her. My only complaint is that the stitching is somewhat visible, and I kind of wish that weren’t the case–but I also don’t think that wrecks the bag. My favorite is the yellow. Thoughts?!

#7 and #12: The Bleecker Backpack is STUNNING. If Mitch and I ever get to take that European vacation (had to cancel two of them this year when we found out I was pregnant because I couldn’t stop puking 🙈), I will consider buying this. I also really love Madewell’s Lorimer Backpack (also available here), and the brand’s Transport Rucksack. Those options are far more affordable, so that might be my choice if I ever end up splurging on a leather backpack. But oh, Coach. So pretty, and love that yours is named after Bleecker Street!

#2 (also at Nordstrom) and #6: The Marlow Crossbody comes in a solid black as well as several other colors in a crocodile-embossed leather, and it just looks like a bag that’s been around for decades. I think this would be a great bag for date nights or weddings, as it looks like it would go with anything!

#4 and #5: (Also at Nordstrom.) Same look as the Marlow, but the Parker is much bigger and therefore holds more. (More practical!) It reminds me of a Chanel. :) LOVE it.

#8: The Dinky is the bag I see the most of “in the wild” these days, because if you can find one without wonky stitching and one that has the brass turnlock, it totally looks vintage. I love it! It’s likely too small for this mom, but it’s beautiful, and super ideal for someone who doesn’t need to carry around snacks and sippy cups so often. ;)

Which is your fave?!

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