Lace Dresses, Mint and Hot Pink Accents for Bachelorette Party, Round One: UWS, NYC-Style

Saturday was Bachelorette Party, Round One: Upper West Side-style. :) Get this: out of my New York City girlfriends, five of us are getting married this spring/summer. And all of us are somehow connected to the school where I currently work.

Dress: Pim + Larkin via Piperlime, similar here / Pumps: Franco Sarto, similar herehere, and here in light pink / Bag: Kate Spade (On sale! And available in many colors!), in pink on crazy sale here / Blazer: Zara, similar herehere and here / Necklace: Kate Spade, similar here / Bracelets: J.Crew and Stella & Dot / Watch: Marc Jacobs / Earrings: J.Crew / Belt: J.Crew / Lipstick: Clinique

Darby, one of my best friends in the entire world and who used to work at the school, is marrying Jason, who also used to work there. Joanna is marrying Ben, who used to work at the school, and Ruthie is marrying Travis, who also worked there. Kristen (who–shocking–used to work there as well) is marrying Daryl, who teaches down the street from the school. And I, of course, am marrying Mitch… and we both still work there. Phew!

When we all thought about how many bachelorette parties there would be between the five of us, we realized that it would be very difficult to be able to make it to all of them, considering how many bridal showers and how much wedding planning would be going on at the same time. But we didn’t want to miss out! Because of this, we decided that we should have a group bachelorette party in the city, that way we could all celebrate together. Our guys went out together on Saturday as well for their own group bachelor party. :) Too cute.

A huge thank you goes to Darby, who planned the entire day/night. Darbs, you’re fabulous! What a blast. The day started off at Magnolia Bakery on 69th and Columbus, where we ate quite a few cupcakes. After, we went to Sunshine Nails on 75th between Central Park West and Columbus. Oh. My. Goodness. Heaven on earth. The staff was so nice, and the place was gorgeous. There were a zillion Essie colors to choose from, and complementary waters and massages offered to us every time we turned around. Huge fan. ;) Sushi and wine came next, at Sushi Yasaka on 72nd and Broadway. This was my favorite part of the night, as three of my very best girlfriends from high school–Mary, Rebecca and Kara–showed up! Apparently everyone knew they were coming, but it was a big surprise for me. :) I was so touched I teared up. I’m still so touched. Mary and Rebecca live in the Princeton area, so it was a trip for them! I have the best friends ever. :) It made the night so much more special and fun having them there. After sushi, we went to Riposo 72, which I’d actually been to before with Mitch and my dad. As soon as we felt we’d overstayed our welcome, we headed down to Revival in the East Village and met up with the guys.

bachelorette small-16

It was a fantastic night. The only downside was that Mitch and I somehow arrived home around 5 a.m. Man. Needless to say, I’m a couch potato today. ;) Completely worth being a little tired, though. Love my girls!

Dress: Pim + Larkin via Piperlime, similar here / Pumps: Franco Sarto, similar herehere, and here in light pink / Bag: Kate Spade (On sale! And available in many colors!), in pink on crazy sale here / Blazer: Zara, similar here, here and here / Necklace: Kate Spade, similar here / Bracelets: J.Crew and Stella & Dot / Watch: Marc Jacobs / Earrings: J.Crew / Belt: J.Crew / Lipstick: Clinique


  • Looove the color combo, the jewels, and girl I am stealing your bag-end of story! :)

  • That’s SO fun and exciting you’re all going through the same thing this summer. Makes it even more special!

    • Alyssa,

      Thank you! It’s so funny how it all happened at the same time for us! Very fun ;)



  • My favorite color combo :) Looks great on you!

  • Gorgeous pictures! I love your laced dress, the pink accents and also the mint handbag.


  • Kat

    Lace dresses are definitely one of my favorite things! This one is so pretty. Congrats – so exciting for you and your girlfriends! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

    • Kat,

      Thank you so much! I am seriously addicted to lace dresses. I think I own three in white right now. Need to stop, hahaha :)

      You’re so sweet!!



  • I love your mint accessories and that pretty pink blazer Kelly. Congratulations and best wishes to all of your girlfriends! That school must be lucky (I’m making a trip out there ASAP lol). How fab are your shots of the city?!

    Chelsea & The City

    • Chelsea,

      Awww.. You’re so adorable! Thank you!! I am so excited, as are my girlfriends. It’s so funny how it all worked out this way!! We’re having a blast, and everyone is just over-the-moon happy. :) Fun year!

      Thanks so much about my city shots! I loveeee the Big Apple. Can’t wait for you to come and enjoy it, too! :) Your blog name totally fits! Hehe



  • Aww Kelly! Thats so cute! What a wonderful experience to be experiencing all of this with your friends! Btw- pink looks gorg on you!!
    Footprints in the City

    • Inna,

      Thank you!! You’re too kind! We’re really having a ball together. ;) Love your blog!! Thanks again, Inna :)



  • love this! navy and pink are my favorites! i’m glad you had a good weekend! and i have actually been thinking about getting that purse in pink!

    • Michelle,

      Do it! I absolutely adore it. I got it a while ago but only recently broke it out as it’s finally spring! :) Wahoo! It’s super soft and surprisingly fits a ton… Those tiny purses are adorable, but who can actually get away with carrying so little?! (Not me, haha)

      Thanks again, Michelle!