Favorite Cashmere Sweater (On major sale! Crewneck Version Here) / Similar Pink Pumps (On sale!) / Quilted Navy Barbour (Favorite jacket of all time. The cut is a bit more flattering, and it’s SO much warmer than the classic one.) / White Skinny Jeans (They don’t stretch out and they’re the softest jeans I own!) / Longchamp Tote

I know: these photos make Chicago look pretty dismal right now, but we’ve actually been having the most amazing weather this past week! Like, it’s going to be in the 70s today. It’s February 22nd! And we’re in Chicago. I have no idea what’s going on, but who cares? Our family has been spending so much time outdoors, and Mitch and I were just saying that it kind of feels like we’re vacationing in our own city. Chicago, thank you for this amazing gift. We needed it!

Anyway, three of my favorite products that are majorly on sale right now:

My favorite cashmere sweater

This cashmere sweater–and its crewneck sidekick–are staples for me. During the weekdays, I dress very casually and comfortably, as I spend the majority of my time playing with Emma. But this sweater, which is incredibly soft and flattering, brings me from day to night so easily. (I also recently wore it in this post.) All I need to do is slip on a cute pair of pumps and perhaps add a little jewelry, and boom: I’m ready. Side note: both the v-neck and crewneck are on sale for under $50!

The cutest pink pumps

I’m actually wearing a slightly different version in these pics, but I’m SUCH a fan of Sam Edelman, and these pink pumps are a must-have for spring outfits. Pair ’em with skinny jeans and either a white or navy top, and you instantly look like a million bucks. Other faves from Sam Edelman currently on sale: these nude pumps, these loafers which look just like the Gucci ones, and my favorite booties.

The quilted Barbour Beadnell

This is, without a doubt, the best deal I’ve ever seen on my favorite Barbour. And somehow, the navy is still available! Why is it my favorite? It has a more flattering cut than the classic Beadnell (here and here), and it’s SO much warmer. I can get away with wearing it when temps are in the 30s, which, for Kelly Larkin, is incredible. I talk about why I love the quilted version so much here, and here’s further proof that it’s a must-have: my mom and sister-in-law both have it, too! (And yes: we wear the jackets together, haha!)

Other finds

If you missed this post, here are some of my other faves from the Nordstrom Winter Sale, which is going on now through the 26th: The scalloped peplum top is on sale! // Can’t stop won’t stop with Halogen sweaters. // This bow top is the cutest. // Burberry coat. // This pair and this pair of dark skinnies. // I get so much wear out of this sweater. I wore it this past week with a gingham button down underneath! // Ruffled sleeves. // A navy wrap top with a bow. // The bows on these sleeves. I can’t. (Here’s the dress.) // The top of the season?! // Navy striped sweater. Dying. // Recently got this for my mom and adore it. Great for spring. // My go-to pink sweater. // The buttons on this sweater! // Beautiful top for spring. // Classic gingham top. // Love this tweed number! // Houndstooth pants. // In love with this striped dress. // A great anorak. // Cozy ruffled top for the weekend. This is a great one for the weekend, too. // Navy and pom poms. // One of those crazy cozy chunky sweaters. And this one. // This navy stripe tee (with a side tie) is everything. // The perfect pink pumps. // I LOVE Louise et Cie. Favorite new-to-me shoe brand of the year. These are adorable, as are these and these. // Perfect go-with-everything pumps for your next big event. (Wedding pumps?!) // I love a good kiltie. // Navy Jacks. These are really cute, too. And these are PERFECT for events. // Stuart Weitzman Lowlands for an amazing deal. But thoughts on the color? Would you rock ’em? // My favorite leather booties. Seriously: Have walked 5+ miles in them without so much as a rub. // Affordable over-the-knee boots! // I’ve been considering these for a while for spring and summertime events as they look really comfy. // Classic duck boots. // I have these in leopard and LOVE them. // Black Nikes! #athleisure (And another pair!) // Classic Converse sneakers. These are awesome, too. // ADORE this scarf. // I really love these earrings. And these. // This baseball hat. // To shove into Hunter boots! // What a gorgeous, classic bag. And I can’t get over how rich this tote looks. // Kendra Scott is my fave and this necklace can be worn year-round, with nearly everything! // Fuzzywuzzywuzzy. // This is my phone case!


In other news…

  • We took Emma in for her six-month checkup the other day and she’s doing so well! But why do I get so nervous before her appointments? I feel like I’m a very calm mother, but the medical stuff always puts me on edge. Anyone else struggle with pediatrician appointments and nerves? And anyone else have to fight back tears when her baby cries during shots? I’m such a wimp…
  • On the home decorating front, we’re currently putting the finishing touches on our master bedroom. It’s been a long time coming, but the master has always been an afterthought, as it’s out of the way and more often than not, unseen by visitors. Really pumped about all the changes we’ve made, though. It certainly makes waking up a lot more enjoyable!
  • A very happy birthday to Mandi, one of my best girlfriends from New York. (It’s still the 21st as I’m writing this, Mandi, so still totally counts, right?) I love you, and I wish we could be celebrating together tonight! TRIP TO CHICAGO SOON. <3
  • I’m getting back into reading! Before I started this blog, I was quite the bookworm. Always had a book in my bag, from the time I was a child until 2013 when Kelly in the City came into existence. Sadly, Ive never had enough time for both reading and blogging, but I’ve been putting aside 20 minutes at the end of every day for my current book, and I have to say that it’s made a huge impact on my happiness. I’m more relaxed, and I love that feeling that while I’m living my life, I’m also kind of experiencing someone else’s life, too. (Does that make sense?)
  • Guys, I need to build up the courage to fly with Emma. I want to go home for a long weekend in the next couple of  months, but I’m really, really nervous about taking my little girl on a plane. (Love how I just told you I’m a “very calm mother,” haha.) Any traveling tips from more seasoned moms? I’d love to hear!
  • I’m also getting pretty excited over here in my little corner of the internet because in the next few days, my new site is going live! It’s going to look pretty similar to what you see now, but it’s going to run so, so much better, and there will be a bunch of cool new features that will hopefully make navigating KITC a bit easier. I’m also excited about not troubleshooting it on a daily basis. I can’t even tell you how often my current site “breaks,” and this redesign is about to take a whole lot off my plate. Yay! Here’s hoping the transition goes well… ;)

^ Don’t worry. Highly supervised when she’s having a bottle!

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Favorite Cashmere Sweater (On major sale! Crewneck Version Here) / Similar Pink Pumps (On sale!) / Quilted Navy Barbour (Favorite jacket of all time. The cut is a bit more flattering, and it’s SO much warmer than the classic one.) / White Skinny Jeans (They don’t stretch out and they’re the softest jeans I own!) / Longchamp Tote