Glossy Red Hunter Boots-5

Dress, Bag and Boots c/o Zappos

I’m back! :) I took yesterday off to catch up on sleep, nurse that rather persistent and seemingly ever-present sinus infection (I’m thinking it’s almost time to break out the Z-Pack), and do LAUNDRY. Yes, you read that correctly. We have a laundry machine again! Okay, so technically I begged the construction workers to hook it up for a night… but it was magical. We currently have clean socks! Ahhh…

Anyway, please excuse the frizzy hair, but we’ve been having some extremely warm (and wet) days here in Chicago. I think they’ve passed–yesterday was in the 40s–but sigh. It was pretty awesome. While I’m normally not a huge fan of the rain, I quite enjoy it when it accompanies 60- and 70-degree days in December.

I wore this little number last Friday to Kameya, our favorite sushi restaurant in the neighborhood. I’ve been looking for a quilted bag that (admittedly) looks like a Chanel for date nights, and this one is perfect. I love the that it’s compact and painless to carry around with its long strap (that’s easy to shorten in half), and that it’s MUCH more affordable than an actual Chanel. ;)

The boots have been a lifesaver this past week–great for those warm, wet days we’ve been experiencing… and beyond festive. Doesn’t ever girl need a pair of red Hunters?! (Read my guide to buying Hunter boots here.)

And the dress? I don’t normally go for figure-hugging dresses, but I couldn’t resist this one. It’s so warm that I didn’t even need to wear a coat. Now that’s a quality dress!

In other news, we had actual carolers–about 15 of ’em!–visit us last night. It was the best. They were all under the age of 12 it seemed (the cutest) and accompanied by their parents. And they sang us an entire Christmas carol. I am officially obsessed with my neighborhood. ;)

Mitch and I leave for the East Coast on Saturday morning, so it’s time to wrap up all the projects and last-minute holiday tasks. Onward, my friends!

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