Target Home Decor Finds

Canvas Art Set / Woven Tray with Leather Handles / Table Lamp / White Planter / Large Glass Vase / Blue Stripe Wash Cloths / Textured Cream Coverlet / Matte Gray Ceramic Candle / Striped Throw Pillow / Textured Throw Pillow / Wooden Pedestal Serving Bowl / Chunky Cable Knit Throw Blanket / Rattan Tray / Marble Pinch Bowl with Spoon / Indoor Outdoor Tan Rug / Marble Stone Bookends / Large Ceramic Vase / Small Ceramic Vase

I’ve been working to refine our home decor lately. Things started to feel more cluttered, so I took some time to sort through areas in our home, like shelves that accumulated a wide range of pieces over time. I kept the home decor pieces that brought me joy and donated the rest. It’s still a work in progress, but sorting through even a couple of areas around the house has already made such a big difference. Moving forward, when I’m adding new pieces, I’ll focus on sticking to a color scheme, which is neutrals for me at the moment. And I’ll follow the less is more rule. Embrace the white space! You don’t have to spend hundreds on home decor. You can find some of the best pieces at stores like Target for a much more affordable price. That’s why I wanted to share a few of my favorite Target home decor finds, which also all happen to be neutral, to give you a little inspiration if you’re also in the process of redecorating.

Canvas Art Set: This framed abstract line drawing comes in a set and would make a subtle statement on any wall.

Woven Tray with Leather Handles: I love when a piece of decor is also functional. This woven tray has three compartments and would be the perfect bathroom organizational solution for keeping toiletries and washcloths tidy.

Table Lamp: This faux-wood table lamp is so beautiful. It would be great for an end table or console.

White Planter: This rustic white planter would look great with any florals, or if you’re feeling green, you could even plant a small houseplant in it.

Large Glass Vase: A warming centerpiece. This amber-colored cylindrical glass vase would look elegant empty, or filled with flowers.

Blue Stripe Wash Cloths: I haven’t been gravitating towards a lot of blue when it comes to home decor lately, but these washcloths are just too good. How cute would they look rolled up in the woven tray from above?

Textured Cream Coverlet: This textured coverlet is a great bedding layer, especially while transitioning between seasons.

Matte Gray Ceramic Candle: Not only is the candle vessel beautiful, but the coconut and honey scent sounds lovely.

Striped Throw Pillow: Love the subtle stripe pattern on this throw pillow.

Textured Throw Pillow: This textured cream throw pillow looks so cozy.

Wooden Pedestal Serving Bowl: This pedestal serving bowl would be a beautiful fruit bowl or centerpiece.

Chunky Cable Knit Throw Blanket: The perfect cozy blanket to curl up in on the couch, and it still looks beautiful when it’s not in use.

Rattan Tray: Love this beautiful round rattan tray.

Marble Pinch Bowl with Spoon: A cute and functional piece of decor for your kitchen. Fill it will salt and keep it on your counter, so you’re never more than an arms reach from it while cooking.

Indoor Outdoor Tan Rug: This would be a pretty doormat indoors or outdoors.

Marble Stone Bookends: These marble bookends are absolutely gorgeous. 

Large Ceramic Vase: A simple ceramic vase that would be perfect for flowers. It’s also part of a set.

Small Ceramic Vase: The smaller ceramic vase to complete the set of vases.