Spool No.72 Citrus Sweaters

I’m so proud of this find! While searching for citrus sweaters—for an upcoming campaign, don’t ask 😆—I discovered Spool No. 72. And let me tell you: the sweaters are ridiculously soft and cozy, just as advertised! And the prices?! Wow.

I’m in love. The shop doesn’t have a ton of inventory at the moment, but I’m hoping that changes! Here are my four favorites:

Darker Strawberry Sweater: I really see myself walking through fields of strawberries while wearing this, haha. Paired with jeans, any of these sweaters are such pick-me-ups! This one, though, gives me all the happy childhood memories.

Oranges Sweater: This is my #1, and the one I ended up ordering! It was the 5-degree day and the clear fuzziness that did it for me. ;) It’s currently on its way and I’m so excited that I’ve been tracking the package.

Lemon Sweater:This one doesn’t appear quite as fuzzy as the oranges one, but I do believe they’re the exact same thing and the photo is just deceiving!

Light Pink Strawberry Sweater: This is my second fave, and I’m so tempted to get it! Makes me smile. ☺️