Seraphine Maternity Tank-26

Seraphine Nursing Tank c/o (Brand also available at Nordstrom) / Paige Jeans (Similar here on sale) / Old Navy Jacket c/o (Old, but love this jacket and this vest! So many more options available here.) / Sole Society Flats c/o (Also available here) / Helen Ficalora Necklace c/o (Similar here,here and here) / Louis Vuitton Tote (MM) / Similar BraceletSimilar Sunglasses / Pearl Earrings

Guys. It’s been so long since we really “talked.” I have a bunch of more personal posts coming up: one about our first few weeks with Emma; another about my thoughts on being a first-time mom; a “Life Lately” post; a third trimester feature, which I never got around to publishing; a “recovery” piece; a baby registry/newborn essentials post; and a “what I actually used from my hospital bag” article. But for now, I need to be honest:

Blogging with a newborn is difficult. Whenever I get a post up, it’s a tiny miracle. ;) I seriously feel so proud whenever new content goes up! I equate it to the same feeling I experienced when I passed my college calculus class. (I had three different tutors. One of which remains a best friend. You’re the best, Matt! Thank you!) It’s a huge “hurrah,” for sure.

These days, my priorities are different. I still love blogging, and it’s truly such a great creative outlet and mental escape–one that I can’t imagine not having. Even though I’m now a mom, I really have no plans of giving it up. But I now have about 10 percent of the “blogging time” that I used to have. (Heck, I don’t even have time to edit my posts. #typosgalore) While I’ve never been happier, I’m admittedly still trying to figure out a way to balance motherhood and work.

…Motherhood is winning. ;)

Anyway, bear with me as I navigate these new waters. For now, though, can I just call your attention to the brand Seraphine? Worn by Kate Middleton, the London-based maternity brand (also available at Nordstrom) has been a lifesaver for me. I discovered the company toward the end of my pregnancy, but holy happiness: I don’t know what I’d do without my Seraphine tanks and dresses. Not sure how I never considered that I’d need nursing-friendly clothing, but goodness. It’s essential! (Unless you plan on never leaving the house.) This is my absolute favorite top, but there are so many other great ones available. If you’re expecting, or currently nursing, be sure to check out Seraphine!

Seraphine, thank you so much for getting me out of our living room over the last few weeks! These photos were taken this past weekend, when Mitch, Emma and I decided to spend the day walking around and grabbing lunch in the Bucktown/Wicker Park neighborhoods. I love our little family…

Seraphine Maternity Tank-21
Seraphine Maternity Tank-27
Seraphine Maternity Tank-53
Seraphine Maternity Tank-56
Seraphine Maternity Tank-30
Seraphine Maternity Tank-37
Seraphine Maternity Tank-20
Seraphine Maternity Tank-44
Seraphine Maternity Tank-39
Seraphine Maternity Tank-16
Seraphine Maternity Tank-14