Recent Finds 9/3

It’s the start of the long weekend! What are you guys up to? (Seriously, let me know. I love what others around the country are doing, haha.) We’re headed down to my in-laws tomorrow, and I’m thrilled about the prospect swimming, relaxing and maybe even reading. (You know it was a good-for-the-soul trip if you can pull out a book at some point!) Tonight, though, we’re hanging with Bradley’s fam to kick it all off. ♥️

But let’s get to today’s Recent Finds:

And this is the necklace that’s coming my way! I keep talking about this, but my everyday initial necklace is super tarnished and I don’t wear it much anymore because of that. So it’ll be nice to have a go-to piece again!

My parents are going to get me a new initial necklace for my birthday this year, and I think I have my heart set on this one!

Since I’m helping my mom plan my cousin Sammy’s shower, I’m all about all things Nantucket right now. Isn’t this Nantucket pendant necklace gorgeous?!

Okay guys. This is the best sports bra in the world. It’s SO soft. There really isn’t any padding, but the material is thick, so you don’t have to worry too much about exposing the world. I can’t get over how wonderfully comfortable it is. Home run. I’m a 34A and I liked the size 6 the best.

I know I keep featuring it, but it’s going to go out of stock soon, so need to call attention to its greatness, haha. Made out of the same fabric as the above sports bra ^, it’s like a hug from a cloud. It’s phenomenal. I have it in white and black, and wear one every morning to peewee drop-off or while bike riding. Size up, though. I wear an 8 in this jacket. (I wear a size 2 in J.Crew, for reference.)

The best leggings. AGAIN, in that same awesome fabric. (It’s called Nulu.) Worth every penny. This pair looks great with both the white and the black jacket featured above! A fabulous basic.

And here are the wide-leg pants. A+ for these, too. I found that sizing is the same as the leggings. Love that these could potentially be dressed up, too?! (Right?!)

SWEATER PANTS, YES. (Oh gosh. I should really stop writing these posts at night.) 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

Have owned this for a year and wear it once or twice a week. Gives you a very polished look! 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

It looks like that this is the replacement for the Sophie Sweater Blazer! I’m not going to lie; I don’t love it as much. :( But hey. Better than a regular blazer. (Actually considering getting rid of mine since I haven’t worn one in years!) 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

BEAUTIFUL. The cashmere version of the cotton sweater. Here for it.

Everyone needs a pair of cords for fall. 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

I keep coming back to this camel sweater blazer. 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

And this! I have one from last year and adore it. Size down, though. Runs big. Lots of different colors available! 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

This girl really should have worn a bra for this photoshoot. 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

ADD TO CART. 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

Wasn’t sure how I felt about the stitching at first but have decided that I love it. ;) 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

I ordered this. It’s just SO pretty. 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

A great basic. 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

So classic! 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

Omg this one is freaking me out. Looks like a teddy bear hug, which I obviously approve of… but WINTER IS COMING. 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

These bring me back to my NYC days! 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

Why is this not included in the sale?! Boo to you.

Hi, I go to Yale. 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

Want to wear skirts in the fall? This is your answer! 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

These work, too. :) A little height! 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

Who’s into clogs this year?! I am. Didn’t have to say that. You’re smart. Sometimes I write this blog like no one is reading. Though it’s very possible no one is reading. HELLO? IS ANYONE OUT THERE? Moving on… 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

Cute. :) 40 percent off with code “HELLOFALL.”

I think I’m going to be working with Reformation soon! And I may wear one of their dresses to Gabby’s wedding at the end of the month. What do you like best?! This one…

…this one…

…or this one?!

And this one I just adore. My friend Barbie said it “screams Kelly.”

I also love this one for everyday fun in CA. (Though maybe in the black?!)

Great for beach days.

Emerson Fry came out with the Frances Dress in a new color!

Yes to leopard skirts. This one is particularly beautiful.

You can do gingham in the fall! This is how!

This turtleneck dress…..

A little pricey, but love the look.

This is Crewcuts, but the size XL will likely work for sizes XS-M!


So dainty and beautiful. Really into this look this season.

I think I mentioned this before but considering this dress for Sammy’s shower! Just not sure if I’ll be able to hold it up, haha.

The scalloped neckline!

A great everyday mock neck top when the weather turns.

I have this coat. It’s awesome. Size down!

The coziest cardigan.

A WHITE flannel shirt! Get that crisp look with warmth!


Despite how short this is, I love it. With over-the-knee boots, of course.

Tucks in nice and easily!

These jeans have SO much stretch and are reportedly super soft! AGOLDE for the win. I get it now.