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Emma and Lucy’s Swimsuit / Similar Oranges/Clementine Swimsuit + Striped Swim Trunks / Lucy’s Float Vest / Smathers and Branson ACK Hat / Newer Vineyard Vines Dresses

I’ve decided that I’m going to play a little game from now until September 20th:

Edit and share all the summer photos that are just sitting on memory cards in my desk. 😉 I fell behind because I wanted to live a more disconnected life these last few months… but also because summer is busy!

And I have to say that going back through all the images is bringing me so much joy, and they’re serving as a reminder as to just how lucky we are.

Just take this night.

First, I should note that I got a little seasick while out on Lake Michigan, which explains why my poor friend Bradley ONCE AGAIN somehow did not make the cut. (I only took my camera out once I got off the boat, haha, and Mitch took all the iPhone pics on the boat.) Sorry, Bradley. 😆 I should also note that the little bout of seasickness was not the captain’s fault; the water was choppy that day, and I accidentally sat backwards for a while! ;)

Anyway, our good friends Bradley and Peter took us out on Lake Michigan in their new gorgeous new boat, and it was such a ball. We visited the “Playpen” for the first time, which is a lively little area where boats dock and people swim/party, and we had snacks and drinks. Peter blasted music, and the kids danced and played games. It was the loveliest night. (I believe the last pic was taken the morning of, btw. But had to include it. Who knew surfing the wake of a boat was a thing?!)

Fingers crossed that we can get together this coming week for another beach night. Thanks, guys! ♥️

Lake Michigan
Boating at Diversey Harbor Chicago
Boating at Diversey Harbor
Boating at Diversey Harbor with kids
Chicago kid
Diversey Harbor Chicago Boating Experience
Diversey Harbor Chicago Boating Experience with kids
Boating in Chicago
Mitch, Kelly, and Lucy
Kids at the harbor
Kids hugging
Wakesurfing Chicago

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Emma and Lucy’s Swimsuit / Similar Oranges/Clementine Swimsuit + Striped Swim Trunks / Lucy’s Float Vest