Lilly Pulitzer Sales

Surprise Lilly Pulitzer Sale: Today Only. Use code “LILLYFAM” to take 30 percent off. Lilly has closed its stores but is still paying its employees, and this sale helps with that.

WELP, we made it to another Friday. I’m definitely struggling with taking care of the girls, cleaning up all the messes, and getting any sort of work done… but I’m so grateful that we’re able to stay home right now and be together. While Mitch and I try to figure out a good system and curb our anxiety surrounding the current state of the world, I’d say that my most valuable content is going up on Instagram because I can quickly post from my phone while juggling family life in quarantine.

In short, I’m trying to share photos and stories from medical professionals on the front lines to humanize the pandemic and, in turn, hopefully encourage people to stay home and practice social distancing so that our emergency rooms and ICUs don’t collapse. If we can prevent the country’s healthcare system from collapsing, fewer Americans will die. So please, if you’re a medical professional on the front lines right now, send your masked selfie along with your story and general location to with subject life “SELFIE.” I would love to share your story.

On a related note, please take a moment to read this article that appeared in The Atlantic a few days ago. It’s a long one, but incredibly worthwhile and one that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. There are several roads to take here; let’s make sure we take the right one.


In case you missed it, I put together a post with a few ways you can help (from home) during the crisis. I do need to publish another soon considering so many additional relief organizations and efforts have surfaced since–specially ones that are helping those on the front lines. But until I’m able to do that, this is a good starting point and I’d be thrilled if you checked it out.

Anyway, I certainly don’t want to make this blog all doom and gloom; I realize that’s not why readers come here. I also only have one post already written, and my eyes are drooping… so we’re going with the series that goes up every Friday: Recent Finds.

The two big sales of the weekend are the Lilly Pulitzer one and the J.Crew one–two retailers I’ve worked very closely with over the years and have wonderful relationships with. Both companies closed their stores due to COVID-19 but are continuing to pay employees, and these sales help with that.

Today only, Lilly is offering 30 percent off a ton of picks (unprecedented?) with code “LILLYFAM” and J.Crew is offering 60 percent off sale styles + 40 percent off warm weather picks with code “SHOPNOW.” (Above are my faves from the Lilly sale.)

Here are my other finds:

I’m trying hard to not live in yoga pants because I know the value in getting dressed every day… but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t change into my favorites right after putting the girls down. These, without a doubt, are the BEST leggings in the world. They’re just so soft. They feel like nothing, haha. I wear them with normal outfits, too; you really can’t tell that they’re yoga leggings.

Nordstrom is having a big RAILS sale. If you’ve ever wanted to try one of the famous shirts, now’s your time!

The striped one is my fave.

I own this one! RAILS shirts are unbelievably soft and they last forever.

So cute.

Very few of us are going anywhere anytime soon, but this is one of my favorite bags and I found myself carrying it often before the pandemic hit. It’s gorgeous! Makes for a great gift, too.

Smaller version.

I’d love to try this new pair of Everlane flats because everyone says that they’re unbelievably comfy!

And their sneakers. I keep meaning to try. So little time! ;)

Such a good staple dress.

Clip dots are my fave.

I keep posting this. Sorry. It’s just so cute.

Yes to this.

I don’t love the scalloped skirts with elastic bands but THIS ONE? Perfect.

Rickrack coverup.

The bow on this bathing suit!

Tortoise shoes. They never fail.

I wear this thing all.the.time. It makes you look like you tried when in fact you just have very dirty hair. What?

Gingham tote!

A solid pair of leggings that do not cost an arm and a leg. (Would be sad if they did because they’re pants. And legs are crucial for pants.)

Affordable navy gingham pants.

With white jeans, with blue jeans — this is the cutest springy/summery outfit just waiting to happen.

I wear these leggings as pants, too! Looks super cute with a longer white button-down or with a long black sweater. Huge fan. SO COMFY.

This is my new favorite Dudley. Get the Terry fleece. You won’t be disappointed.

Everyone needs a denim jacket for spring and summer! Wear mine constantly.

Super cute with white jeans.

MOM. This was made for you. Love you.

This essential white tee is ridiculously cheap right now. A great time to replace some worn or tired basics!

The rickrack blazer now comes in white!