MZ Wallace Max Tote

MZ Wallace Max Tote

Who’s in the mood to “window shop” while we patiently wait for 5 pm?

I am! 😉

Okay, first up is the MZ Wallace Max Tote. When the brand originally released it, it sold out extremely quickly. But it’s back! The magic of this bag is that it slips right over your suitcase handle, and it doesn’t fall off. (Nothing more annoying than dealing with a heavy tote that simply won’t stay on top of your suitcase as it rolls.) Of course, not very many people are flying these days… but boy would it be great for when the world starts up again!

Here are the rest of this week’s Recent Finds:

YES, LILLY, YES! Gosh, this is just adorable. The perfect end-of-summer dress.

Another hydrangea dress?! Love that this one has short sleeves!

GOLD BIRKS. (Nice part about these is that you can’t stain them.)

Need to warn you right now: Most of this week’s Recent Finds are from Tuckernuck because the company has been killin’ it as of late!

This drapey dress?! So versatile and cozy-looking.

Take me to the Shore. ;)

One of my most-worn shirts is back!

This looks SO soft.

Another favorite. Love that it’s available in antelope now!

I’m sorry, but definitely the cutest fall dress of 2020.

This is a Kelly dress.

Doesn’t this look like the Burberry? LOVE it.

I’m convinced: Most comfortable loafer on the market.

Love a solid pair of light-washed jeans.

The ruffles!

You KNOW this is in my cart. :)

Pom pom sweaters always sell out so quickly…

These are preppy perfection.

At least we’ll have cable-knit ponchos this winter.

Another cute one!

Love it so much…

…featured it twice.


This comes in a bunch of colors. Love the crinkly material.

So many heart eyes.

Honestly, I might just really love the photography here, haha. But very pretty trench!

Sezane tops are the most beautiful…

And this bag. So classy!

Factory pro tip: Order one size up and they’ll look like pants. I wear them with tunics, longer tops and oversized sweaters. SO GOOD.