J.Crew Villa coat in Italian stadium-cloth wool | Recent Finds 9/17

The Prettiest Wool Coat

Absolutely in LOVE with this coat! It’s made out of Italian Stadium Cloth Wool, which is crazy warm. (The only wool coat I can actually wear during Chicago winters is made out of the same material!)

Oh, hello there! Life got a little crazy with the kids, but I’m here. 🙋🏼‍♀️

Here’s what’s caught my eye recently:

These flats are WONDERFUL. Honestly, order them ASAP. They’re crazy affordable for just how comfortable they are, and I love that they go with nearly all my fall outfits. I keep getting questions about them when I wear ’em! My one tip would be to go down a half size. I am a size 7.5 in flats, and I went down to a 7 in these.

The coziest sherpa pullover I ever did see! In a great neutral color. While I’m not ready to give up the warmer temps here, I am kind of looking forward to the simplicity of throwing on jeans and a cozy pullover.

I live in my Dudley Stephens during the fall/winter—and fine, spring and summer, too—and a black one is so timeless.

These are still my favorite sneakers of all time! Wear them every morning, without fail, to drop-off. Run true to size and they’re WASHABLE.

Emerson Fry always gets me. I packed away my summer dresses the other day, and my (very few) fall-colored ones are now in rotation! I own the longer version of this dress and adore it.


I love a good popcorn sweater.

Okay, I swear that these are better than the Chanel version. I mean, first, they’re washable. Second, they’re soft and comfortable and warm. TTS. I should be a Rothy’s spokesperson.

Ballet flats! Finally!

Okay, definitely into this brand. The shirts are so soft and cozy! Way better for fall than a crisp button-down, if you ask me.

More of a summery style, but I love it.

This color is amazing.

Bought this jacket this year and can’t say enough good things about it. It’s basically like wearing a blanket. So warm, yet very lightweight. Gold buttons make it look sharp. TTS.

My favorite Goyard for a discounted price!

I love J.Crew’s Demi-boot cut, and I wear these white jeans well into the fall.

Favorite new Lululemon leggings because A) they’re made out of the super-soft Nulu fabric, and B) they go with all my tops—whether white or black.

The olive green will forever be fall favorites, too. When not bike riding, I love wearing them with long striped tops and sweaters!

This is coming my way for a blog collaboration and I’m VERY excited.

My parents are giving me this beautiful necklace with the girls’ initials on it for my birthday. Already crying.

Yes to this magical flannel shirt. (The white is my favorite. So versatile.)

Really into sweater tanks right now. They’ll give you that fall feeling in September without overheating you. ;)

This one is gorgeous as well.


This little puffer is very cute!

J.Crew came out with some ribbed square neck t-shirts and I think they’re so pretty. I’m always looking for casual-yet-slightly dressed up tops for Friday and Saturday nights when we get together with other families, and this would work great! Comes in three colors.

I LOVE THIS COAT SO MUCH. Selling fast so pounce if you love, too. Crazy warm because it’s made with stadium cloth wool!

Wouldn’t this **fannel** dress look so cute for Christmas in New Orleans this year?

I LOVE THIS. Apparently so did everyone else.

I own the camel version of this coat, and wear it on the reg during the fall and winter. It’s an investment, but something you’ll have in your closet forever.