Recent Finds 9/10

An oldie but a goldie! L.L.Bean Slightly Fitted Scotch Plaid Shirt (15 percent off!) / Patagonia Vest / Newer AG Jeans / Bean Boots (15 percent off!)

Oh, hello there! In case you don’t follow along on Instagram, I should probably mention that we drove to my parents’ home on the Jersey Shore to finally meet my nephew. (I scheduled all my content ahead of time so I could spend the time without worrying about the blog, and it was lovely!) I’ll share more about our trip soon, but yeah: We’re still in Jersey, and not really sure when we’re coming back, haha. Chicago Public Schools are totally remote right now, so Emma’s simply doing the program here!

It’s going pretty well. We have her set up in my brother’s room, as he’s back in New Orleans… and we’ve been really impressed with how her school and teachers have structured the day. Last year, there were a lot of apps involved and the face-to-face time was tough because it was such a big change for the kids. This year, though, everything is streamlined and really well organized and structured. And while she obviously wishes she could actually go to school, Emma is invested. A huge thank you to the teachers, staff and admin; how they pulled this off is beyond me but wildly impressive.

Between the start of the school year and the change in weather, it’s certainly beginning to feel like fall. We’ve had a few chilly days and nights, and I’m kicking myself for not anticipating that we’d stay longer than anticipated because it would be really nice to have some warmer clothing right now, haha. But I have my trusty striped top, a pair of Roadtrippers, my favorite cardigan and access to a washing machine… so I’m getting by just fine. 😜

Still, I’m really looking forward to changing over my closet when I get back. This really only entails moving the fall/winter stuff to the front and the spring/summer stuff to the back, and it doesn’t take very long since I significantly pared down my closet before we moved. As trivial as it is, though, organization has very calming for me in 2020. ;)

And with that, here are the best transitional/fall pieces I found this week:

Yes! So excited about these black Roadtripper jeans. I feel like very often, black jeans just look like black leggings… which is why I almost never wear black jeans. (Why not be the comfiest you can possibly be?!) These, however, have a slightly lighter wash making them look more jeanish. But the Roadtrippers are just as comfy as leggings! (Seriously, miracle jeans.)

One of my favorite wardrobe staples. I get so much wear out of it! Of course, every color is fantastic. But black looks particularly sharp.

Favorite leggings in a Nantuckety red color. Paired with an oversized sweatshirt? Very cute.

Oooooh. And in shorts.

Yes, Lilly. The tiered design of this dress is beautiful!

Lilly masks to extend the summer just a bit.

This is amazing. It also comes in white; would make for a great wedding dress, too!

Love this, too.

Absolute favorite of Lilly’s new arrivals.

A stretchy belt to cinch looser dresses. Love the tortoise buckle!


Also ordered the longer one to see which I’d like best. Actually leaning toward the longer one since I love long cardigans and tops so much?!

I’m working with BackCountry (one of my favorite retailers for casual outdoorsy wear) this month, and I ordered myself a pair of Birkenstock clogs–like I had in middle and high school. I’M SO EXCITED, haha. I know they’re not the prettiest shoes in the world but I’m welcoming them back into my closet with open arms. (And yes! I plan on wearing them with chunky socks.)

These are waterproof and super cute.


My favorite fall Bean Boots–perfect for winter, too–are 15 percent off with code “FLANNEL15.”

I own so many of these and love this new pattern! 15 percent off with code “FLANNEL15.”

Buffalo plaid. Can’t go wrong. 15 percent off with code “FLANNEL15.”

NOW THEY MAKE A TUNIC VERSION?! Great for wearing with leggings. I’m all in. 15 percent off with code “FLANNEL15.”

Got these for the upcoming project. They’re thermalish. My hopes are high because they get such great reviews!

Here are the socks I plan on wearing with my birks!

Ugg makes these and they’re lined with fur. I’m here for ’em.

Still ooh-ing and ahh-ing over this top, which has a touch of elastane in it so it doesn’t wrinkle as easily.


Absolutely adore this cashmere t-shirt. A great transitional piece.

Love the wash.

This is on sale if you make a couple of other purchases! Rarely gets discounted so great opportunity to save if you’re in the market for new basics.

The ruffles.

My pink Lady Day Coat is back! (Available in a bunch of other colors, too.)

J.Crew is killin’ it with the button-ups this year.

Paired with brown booties? Yas.

LOVE the length of this corduroy blazer. Could be worn as a jacket!

Another tried-and-true staple for me. To be honest, I rarely wear it since Chicago gets cold very quickly. But it’s so cute!

A great non-Christmassy plaid flannel for the fall.

Oooooh. It’s back!

Factory’s version of the corduroy jeans.

The texture and knit looks great!

Factory’s are more of a skinny cut, which I assume I’ll like better but we’ll see.

I have this shirt from last year. It’s a fave!

Tucked into jeans. Adorable.

My favorite leggings-that-pass-as-pants are back in houndstooth!

Very collegiate.

Wore this last year for a shoot with Emma!

Resists wrinkles so it gets an A+ from me.

I have this and love it! I wear it with a simple black t-shirt underneath.