wrinkle-free shirt dress

The wrinkle-free shirt dress is now available in a red stripe and two other patterns! SO flattering. Favorite dress of the summer. Runs large.

Two things:

  • This Tuckernuck dress is a DREAM, and new colors/prints have been added. It took me a while to get it up on the blog, but you can see a few iPhone pics of me in it in this post. If you’re going to buy one dress this summer, make this it. It resists wrinkles, is light enough to wear on a super hot day, and falls perfectly. And while it’s definitely roomy and a bit oversized, it’s just so ridiculously flattering. It’s generous, so either order your regular size or one size down. Again, it now comes in FOUR different prints. Haven’t tried the cotton ones yet but I’m excited to!
  • I’m on a mission to find more super comfy everyday flat sandals. Like everyone, I’m living a totally different life this summer. I dress very, very casually now–and do a ton of walking around the city. But my casual flat sandal shoe game is weak, and I mostly wear an old pair of Tommy Bahama sandals and these clunky (but cute!) Birkenstocks that look a little off with dresses. Anyway, J.Crew and J.Crew Factory have SO many comfy sandals with padded footbeds that are discounted like crazy at the moment. I included all the pairs I considered below 😆, and will get back to you shortly on both which ones I decided to try and which ones I loved best. But yeah: I’m after cute sandals that I could walk 10 miles in if I find myself in that situation. Do they exist?! Only shipping times will tell. (Also, if you have any suggestions on comfy flat sandals that look good with dresses, I’m all ears!)

This week’s finds:

I love that Lilly brought back such a classic print. I definitely have my eye on this dress!

And this sleeveless flounce one is pretty cute, too.

In Skipper Popover form!

Lace and scallops never disappoint.

This is one of my favorite tops! It’s Terry and oh-so-cozy yet also light.

Casual t-shirt dresses. You can never have enough!

The Brewster is AMAZING. Very casual yet can also be dressed up if needed by wearing sandals with a low chunky heel.

Navy and polka dots: always a crowd-pleaser.

I think I’m going to be wearing these in an outfit post with J.Crew soon! I haven’t tried them yet but they get stellar reviews.

I’m getting into this brand because of my beloved old sandals BUT ALSO PROBABLY BECAUSE *I’M* OLD. Waaaaaaaaa.

It’s fine. I mean, the clothing is cute.

Have you heard of Summersalt?! So many of my friends rave about it. I just found out that they carry long torso suits (though not that many) and I’d love to try!

Oooooh, so cute. Love a good PJ set.


Nah, I’m not going to repeat.


Woo-ee. I’m out of control. Reel it in, Kelly.

It’s Friday as I’m writing this, so I think that’s why I’m revved up. So excited for some good family time. :)

Oops! I’m supposed to be writing about this dress. Not much to say except that I love the detailing at the bottom.

Moving on!

All right. Let’s move on to the products that are marked down so much that I initially thought it was in error.

This navy top is only $12 with code “BIGSALE”!

$18 with code “BIGSALE.” I mean…

$32 with code “BIGSALE.” If you don’t have a white jean jacket, you need one for the summer! So versatile.

Mind blown over how inexpensive this is with code “BIGSALE.” And a closet staple!

$20 with code “BIGSALE.” Ah, here come the comfort sandals! Okay, so I know that these don’t have a padded footbed. But people say that the leather (or whatever it is) is super soft. So that’s a winner in my book.

$12 with code “BIGSALE.” I’ve had this for years and love it!

$14 with code “BIGSALE.” Too cute.

$16 with code “BIGSALE.” I ordered this! Seems like a great everyday dress that could actually be worn year-round. And the price is absolutely nuts.

Also $20 with code “BIGSALE.” Oooh! In leopard!

$21 with code “BIGSALE.” (Like what?)

Here are those Tuckernuck dresses I was raving about!

I love the red stripe.

This one is cotton!


This is the one I have and I wear it at LEAST once per week.

Oooooh. This is a bit similar and I love the color.

Still very much on the LemLem train over here. Such easy summer dresses that require no accessorizing. :)


On sale. :)

This looks similar to a Vineyard Vines dress I own and love!

I have this shirt in gingham and it’s a go-to. It’s crinkly so you don’t have to do much… just take it out of the washing machine and hang it up to dry. My kind of shirt. Shirts that you have to iron? Puh-lease. Shirts, wake up. It’s 2020. No one needs your antics.

I’m not even drinking wine.

Comes in black, too! Would be great to tuck into fancier skirts so you LOOK dressy yet feel comfy. And warm.

Lois shirt in another print! Highly recommend.

Apparently good for long torso ladies!

Oh heavens.

To Betsy.

And Kelly.

Sigh. Deep sigh.

Stop it.

I love so much.

Ah, shirtdress in Liberty London! So sweet!

This one is similar to the last striped one but with sleeves.

And we all know how much I love sleeves.

Adore this. So lightweight and cool for summer!

I just feel like Tuckernuck is killin’ it this year. I love everything!

Another great top that resists wrinkles for all you normal people who are okay with showing their shoulders.

On crazy sale! My lake house bag has three of these in it at all times so I never have to worry about packing. :) The best.

Another great pair of comfy sandals! Look at that padding. Size up.

Super soft, and again, great padding. Size up.

I just can’t get over the prices. Here’s another option!

This dress comes back in stock every day in a few sizes. Keep checking! It’s fantastic. I can’t even describe the material; high quality, wrinkle-resistant and heavy but light. (HEAVY BUT LIGHT? Makes total sense.)

Padding yaaaaaas.

Omg! This is the last one?

Ceeeelebrate good times.

Come on!