Gingham headbands

Gingham headbands

A few things before I share this week’s “Recent Finds” products:

  • Check out The Tiny Tassel! A lot of my blogger friends have been featuring Mimi’s store lately, and everything she carries is absolutely adorable. I’m in love with the gingham headbands featured above and have included a bunch of other favorites below. Note: Products have been selling out very quickly, but keep checking back if you see something you love. The Tiny Tassel has been working around the clock on shipping and restocks!
  • MZ Wallace just came out with this navy crossbody. A great option for moms or anyone who needs to be hands-free often! Love it in navy. (How predictable.)
  • Big J.Crew sale! Use code “SALEAWAY” to take 60 percent off Summer Faves, 40 percent off the sale section, and 60 percent off “Last Chance” items. The prices are unreal, so it’s a great opportunity to stock up on summer basics!
  • I’ve been going a little crazy with this week’s Recent Finds. Sorry about that! I’ve been trying to multitask more often, and so I’ve been clicking around when Mitch and I sit down to watch a show every night. But I apparently accumulate a LOT of finds throughout the week when I do this! 😆 I thought about deleting half, but whaaaaatever.


I’m always looking for my next pair of huarache sandals because I go through them so quickly. (I wear the soles off.) These look promising!

My little pouch that I keep in my bag has seen MUCH better days, and I recently noticed that it has a hole in it. So I upgraded to this one when I saw that it was available in navy! Very excited. You know how much I love MZ Wallace, haha.

Adorable tortoise earrings from The Tiny Tassel! Again, most products are sold out right now but check back frequently because the team is working around the clock to restock.

Love this ruffled white top!

And this chinoiserie-inspired bracelet.

And the tortoise clip, only $5!

Best. Shirt. Ever.

Get it. You won’t be disappointed. The eyelet is gorgeous!

Still giving shorts a try. Would love a pair of white khaki ones! These are J.Crew’s four-inchers. (Too short for me.)

These are the seven-inchers. I wish the white was available in 5″, but I think I can just cuff these. :) Plus I’m old.

Waiting for this to go on sale…

And this! All about the easy t-shirt dresses this summer.

This keeps showing up in Recent Finds because I think it’s just such a quick and easy way to make a very simple + casual outfit look adorable!

Striped sweater sweatshirt. Here for it.

Do you have one of these yet? If not, get yourself one. Perfect for chillier nights; just throw it over whatever you’re wearing and instant warmth!

Hot pink sweatshirt? Also here for it.

Great beach sweater.

STOP. You know who needs this? Carly. Carly needs this. ;)

Majorly on sale and SO cute. Loud? Yes. But also very happy and summery. And vicose, so it won’t wrinkle even if you have a baby on your hip!

Simple yet classic.

It’s linen! So nice for super hot days.

And these. :) They have a ton of stretch in them so very comfy.

Oooooh. :)

The bow loafers again!

I wear these a lot when it’s cooler. SO soft. I just cut the little charm off so they’re not so branded.

GAME-CHANGER. It’s a squishy cooler that you can shove under the stroller and rinse out. We bring it everywhere these days! So great. It also has Noodle on it.

Hands down, my all-time favorite pair of jeans. Can’t believe I finally found ’em! Be sure to go down one size, but they’re spectacular. Never want to change out of them!

Love this, too.

I have a top in this material and it’s a favorite because I don’t need to steam it. Highly recommend!

Classic white tee.

Aren’t these cute?!

Love anything with those big buttons up the middle.

Classic tee in stripe.

The toile sneakers! Had to include them again.

LIVING in these. They’ll likely be in Recent Finds all summer, haha. They’re just that good. Be sure to order one size down, though! **Waterproof!**

‘Tis the summer of the t-shirt dress.

The Lululemon Align leggings have been restocked in navy again! Get ’em before they’re gone! Softest leggings ever and worth every penny.

Probably the cutest t-shirt dress I’ve seen this season. :)

ADORE THESE! Skinnies are my go-to, but this is the first relaxed pair of jeans that I’ve truly loved. They’re amazingly soft and have stretch… and the color is great, too.

Again, these are my favorite white jeans. They NEVER look sloppy! They’re pull-on. Perfect to wear under tunics and longer tops.

The bow loafers have been restocked in a bunch of colors!

This is stunning.


Such a cute t-shirt dress! (I’m clearly a very obsessive person.)

The crushable and very packable straw hat. Select from a bunch of different ribbons!

Classic top!

Tuckernuck’s version of the waterproof Birkenstock. So many more colors!

Lilly brought back this classic print, and I’m in love with this t-shirt dress. (Haha. I have such issues. Thanks for coming back to this site.)

Matching little girls’ dress!

I have this cane tote and it’s STUNNING.

Slip on Jack Rogers. You still get that timeless Jack Rogers look, but it’s slightly different than what everyone is wearing!

Not sure I can stomach paying this much for a t-shirt dress (definitely not), but I love the style!

Tortoise loafers. Not wishing away the summer (unless we’re talking about a vaccine in the fall), but SO CUTE!

As are these. Look so comfy, too!

Selling out quickly but it’s Ponte and therefore so comfortable!

Gingham leggings. You’re welcome.

If anyone is going to a small socially distant wedding this summer, these would be darling!

Love this dress as well. All about the basics.

Not a basic, but WOW. I’m suddenly picturing myself as Kelly in the Country, frolicking through fields in this. And I LIKE IT.


Oh my gosh. I would kill myself within the first five minutes of wearing these but you’re likely more graceful than I am in high heels. SO PRETTY. Where is the flat?!

Now available with short sleeves. :)

One of my most-worn t-shirt dresses.

And THIS! Gosh I love this dress. Wore it in Florida on the most magical night with my little family, and I know I’ll always have it. It’s wonderfully comfy and I received so many compliments. Looks like a hydrangea dress, right?!