Recent Finds, 4/26/19

I apologize for my brevity this week. I was super tired during my last month of pregnancy with Emma, and that’s proven to be the case with this one, too! Getting through the day is a struggle; my eyelids are constantly closing on me, haha. I also have zero interesting things to say right now. Do you ever feel like that? When someone asks you “What’s new?!” and you’re like, “——.” 😂 That’s me right now. Bo-ring.

BUT I do have some really good “Recent Finds” this week. So #winning right there. 😉

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Recent Finds, 4/26

I think I featured this recently, but I’m SO excited about wearing this top in the near future! It’s definitely going to be my go-to white blouse this season. :)

Love this quilted swing jacket.

A ruffled gingham dress with sleeves? This screams Kelly Larkin. ;)

Have you tried Ralph Lauren’s knit button-downs? They’re cozier than the regular cotton ones and don’t wrinkle as easily! I love this gray one paired with white jeans and brown leather sandals.

Talbots, your shoe game is increds.


This gingham crossbody. Too cute.

A tortoise clutch for only $50!

Adore these mules but can’t get away with wearing them because I can’t keep up with Emma when I wear them, haha. Let me live vicariously through someone else…

The scalloped cami now comes in a ton of different colors! I have the black and white, but I’m thinking I might need the blush…

The perfect sweater to tuck into a skirt.

This scalloped dress…

My favorite dress pants are back in white, navy and black! They feel like PJs but look like slacks. Did I just use the word “slacks”?

A great summer sweater. I get so much use out of mine!


Huge fan of super light denim paired with pretty much any white top.


Isn’t this sweet?

What do we think? Really cute or too grandma-like? I’m going with cute for the time being. I love the low heel!

Sigh. I love you.

I believe I featured these recently, too, but they’re known as the comfiest shoes! A good repeat.

I love the waist on this number!

Take me to Ocean City…

I LOVE THIS! Oh, I can’t wait for summer…

A great everyday navy skirt to tuck tees into.

This is beautiful.

Cozy and warm yet absolutely adorable.

I know I keep featuring these, but they’re faves! They’re so flattering, and #stopit with that bow…

A goes-with-everything woven clutch!

My monogrammed navy crossbody is back. :) It’s a classic.

This is my beach tote! Was happy to see that it’s back, too.

Without a doubt the cutest sandals of the season.

Adore J.Crew’s take on the woven rattan circle bag.

Here’s another one.

And another!

This is so pretty. :)

Very similar to the red Boden dress I own and love!

Gingham Polo Shirt. Can’t go wrong.

Thinking about wearing this home from the hospital. Thoughts?!

Love the bow detailing on this cardigan.

I clearly have summer on the mind. ;)

Lilly killin’ it with the maxi dresses.

THIS ONE! I need to get myself back to Naples ASAP. ;)

My mother-in-law just picked up this collection of gingham (plastic!) outdoor plates and bowls, and I’m obsessed. We really want to spend more time in the backyard this year, so definitely considering copying her.

Only $34! Such a steal.

Cute cork sandals are hard to find, and I love the chunky heel on this pair.