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Camel Pea Coat (Only $38! Also love the L.L.Bean version.) / Chambray Shirt / Quilted Bag (Also here.) / Ralph Lauren Cricket Sweater (Mine’s super old, but that one looks very similar. More similar sweaters here and here.) / Hunter Boots (Glossy version here.) / Skinny Jeans / Burberry Sunglasses c/o / Sony Camera and Lens

Happy Friday!

A few things today:

*Remember to use code “GROUNDHOG” when shopping the sale.

  • We’re headed to the conservatory today. It’s currently 10 degrees here in Chicago, and we simply can’t take it anymore. Guys, why does winter exist? Bring back last week’s 60-degree temps! Emma has a cold, and it got pretty bad last night. Eventually, we just had to give her some Tylenol and put her to bed. My heart hurt seeing her sad. Hoping the warm air at the conservatory helps. Again, why does winter exist?! Also, Noodle is going bonkers. She, too, needs some warmth and some sunshine. Girlfriend spends the majority of her day under a fur blanket, and would rather pee on said blanket than go outside to do her business. I’m getting better at catching her before this occurs, but boy: #dachshundprobs, for sure.
  • I’m currently putting together this play kitchen. Emma LOVES it so far. It was joint Christmas present from Santa and my parents, and we used a leftover gift card… but man: it’s taking us forever to “build” it. It’s gorgeous, yet I kind of feel like it should have come put together. No? Send help, haha!
  • We have zero plans for tonight. If Emma’s cold improves, we might grab dinner somewhere. But realistically, we’re going to be on the couch, looking for a good show. Since we’re completely out of touch, do you have any recommendations?! Funny and/or sappy is my thing; can’t handle scary or sad. ;) Thanks!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Friday! Stay warm!

On to this week’s Recent Finds:


I can’t get over the price on this. And it’s LONDON! The best gift for that girl you know who wishes she were British. (Cough, cough.)

Gingham headband. Spring is coming, guys. (Maybe?)

Free People always carries the BEST scarves. Love that this one subtly features a herringbone print!

Knit PJs are the best, in my opinion, because they offer more warmth.

I need this for Florida. WHY is it sold out in my size?!

Still obsessed with this.

It’s certainly still scarf season here in Chicago, and it will be for a while.

Here’s another awesome one.

GAH! It’s so cute. Potential dress for Florida?

These blankets are hard to come by. I will say that they look like they’d snag very easily, but goodness are they beautiful.

Keeps coming in and out of stock, but keep an eye out for it. It’s a fave.

Just received this in the mail and I’m hoping it serves as that little bit of cheer to get me through the end of winter.

Hahaha. These are Emma’s Gucci look-alikes. I LOVE my Gucci loafers (here they are!) and couldn’t help but scoop these up for Emma. They’re only $15, after all!

I LOVE this. I want to take Noodle on a walk while wearing this. And I want to be wearing red shoes.

So simple yet such a statement. :)

Ruffled sneakers. (Did I tell you guys I’ve been getting into wearing sneakers?! Haha — Took me quite some time to like athleisure but now I’m ALL IN.)

Look at those bows.

A navy gingham blazer.

This is gorgeous. The perfect jumpsuit for date night?

Woven flats! Amazing for spring when you wish you were wearing woven sandals. ;)

My sweater is on sale!

I have last year’s version of this dress, and it’s fantastic. Doesn’t wrinkle and it makes me look so much taller!


A suede top with fluttered sleeves. I picture myself wearing it with faux leather leggings.

I wear this necklace almost every day. Such a great Valentine’s Day gift!

This is my favorite sweater I was talking about yesterday–only in solid! I really love it in pink, especially for Valentine’s Day.

The original. ;)

I think this might be a definite for Florida. A preppy jumpsuit!

I weirdly don’t own a trench coat. And this one is scalloped…

Gingham flats. Spring, you can’t come soon enough!

Scalloped sandals in so many different colors.

Fisherman sweater, available in all sizes.

Look at the ric rac! MOM! (Are you reading this? Or are you lying around reading the blog every day?)

Why aren’t these available in my size?

Love this top! So classy!

And it always comes back to Madewell.

Another great vacation dress.

Adore this cardigan!