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Little Bow Earrings: What I’ll be wearing to holiday parties!

Hi, Friends!

Had a busy, family-focused and holiday-themed weekend over here, so I was a little MIA on the blog. (Highlights included watching holiday movies, playing with a unicorn, making a forest of felt Christmas trees, trying out a new pizzeria, baking homemade bread, a painting playdate with our neighbors, visiting the Kohl Children’s Museum to meet Anna and Elsa, and getting our real Christmas tree!) But I’m back with a pretty solid shopping post 😜, and a few other things:

  • J.Crew is having a massive sale today. You can take 40 percent off your purchase–and then an extra 15 percent off!–today only with code “MONDAY.” Guys. Now is the time to just do all your holiday shopping and be done with it. 😂 If you find something better over the next few weeks, you can always return what you originally bought. But take it from the ultimate procrastinator: It is ALWAYS better to shop early during the holiday season. Procrastination leads to stress! If you’re looking for some guidance with the J.Crew sale (or holiday shopping in general), here are a bunch of my gift guides! Hope that helps! (Note: I haven’t finished my holiday shopping, either. No shame, haha!)
  • Can we talk about “Eyelash Sweaters” for a second? I’m crazy obsessed. They’re these wonderfully soft and furry sweaters that look fancy yet are super warm and cozy. I HIGHLY recommend getting one in black or white for the holiday season. You can pair them with dress pants, sweaters, jeans; you name it, and the eyelash sweater classes it up! (I will say, however, that everyone wants to pet you throughout the night. Not a good or bad thing; just something to be aware of. 😂) If you’re interested, scroll to the bottom of this post for some of my faves!
  • Everlane is offering a pretty exciting promotion on its Day Boot–pretty much my favorite boot to have ever existed–TONIGHT. Everlane rarely offers discounts, so stay tuned for that if you’ve had your eye on the Day Boot! (Super soft leather and no break-in time. Runs TTS but I order a half size up so I can wear thicker socks.)

On to this/last week’s Recent Finds:

This is the most perfect leopard vest. However, J.Crew has a Crew Cuts version that *could* work for some adults if ordered in size 14 or 16. FOOD FOR THOUGHT, haha. It’s on super sale.

Wow. If I had a fancy New Year’s party to attend, I would be wearing this. Instead, I will be in jeans and a sparkly top, serving pizza to three-year-olds, but I’m pretty happy about it. :)


I love this! Such a fun navy top.

Gorgeous wool coat.

May have ordered this because it looks like $700 but is such a steal and it’ll look great for Christmas PHEW.

A steal for an awesome Stewart plaid-inspired top!

It’s flannel. Enough said.

Another cozy sweater.

This looks like a coat that you’ll have forever. It’s a classic!

That ruffle. Insert heart eyes.

I love this headband!

I’ll admit that this doesn’t really look like something I’d wear, but I’m drawn to it!

Favorite boots ever. The leather is UNREAL. So soft.

The Bow Coat! This is what I normally wear during the holidays. It’s the only black coat I own. Not the warmest, but totally fine for special occasions as I’m usually not walking miles on those days. ;)

Most-worn holiday necklace. Sorry I keep highlighting it but it’s SUCH a winner and it makes for a great gift.

I can’t believe that this is fully in stock. It’s one of my most-worn tops during the dead of winter. It’s amazingly warm and incredibly affordable!

This is NOT affordable, but I kind of feel that it’s worth every penny. Best cardigan I’ve ever owned. Unbelievably soft yet thick and toasty.

Found this on Amazon. It’s only $25. Doesn’t it look great?!

LOVE the periwinkle blue color. Click to see the other colors!

I have this sweater from YEARS ago and it remains a favorite! That blue is stunning. Can’t decide which I like better. Comes in a lot of other colors, too.

THE RUFFLE. Again, so many colors. It’s also made of that Supersoft Yarn!

Another one I keep including, but you’ll be thankful when all the pom sweaters sell out.

I struggle with wool, but the ruffle on this is beautiful.

The Lady Day Coat is almost sold out! Need to get mine up on the blog soon. It’s such a winner, especially for events and parties this time of year.

Here’s that sparkly t-shirt I was talking about! If you’re having a low-key, casual celebration, this top is fantastic! It’s the classic striped boatneck tee without the stripes. ;)

Favorite velvet leggings for a steal.

Besides the blackwatch plaid pumps, I think these are my favorite Christmas shoes of 2019! They’re actually really comfy!

Why do you keep selling out?

Okay! We’re here! The eyelash sweaters! This one is cable-knit, so it’s an obvious first choice.

A solid black one with quarter-length sleeves.

Longer sleeves…

A casual one that you can French tuck…

I love how flattering this one looks!

In cardigan form…

Another cardigan option…

See? I’m obsessed. ;)