Recent Finds 11/13

Long-Sleeved Funnelneck Pullover (Runs slightly fitted. I ordered one size up for a looser fit.) / High-Rise Toothpick Jean in Buffalo Wash (They’re SO soft and stretchy! Can’t recommend more. They run a teensy bit large, but I still went with my normal size because there’s a pandemic and hello do you see the cookie? Also love this very similar pair and J.Crew’s Toothpick Jean in Dark Rinse.) / Gucci Loafers (Great dupes here! Also love this pair of black loafers.) / Willa Boots on floor / Bedroom Details / Sugar Cookies (Hah)

Hallelujah, it’s Friday. Here, have a cookie!

This was an intense work week for me, but it’s over and most of the emergency stuff I needed to cross off my list is now crossed off my list. I’ve definitely been relying on outfits to keep the blog up and running, but looking forward to writing (and sharing) more this coming week! I could use a good chat. Hope that’s good with you, haha.

So many thanks go out to my in-laws, John and Lisa, for taking care of and loving Emma and Lucy while we hunkered down with “work work” and house work. We had a zillion things safely fixed and tended to—from gutters and exposed stair runner staples to broken toilets and internet connectivity issues—while they were out of the house, and that’s a very big relief! :)

We were reunited with the girls last night, and I’m just so happy. They clearly had the time of their lives; Emma couldn’t stop talking about how much she loves “Camp Gammy,” and how she can’t wait to go back. So grateful and lucky that our parents have such awesome relationships with our children!

Chicago just issued a stay-at-home advisory for Monday, so we’re having family movie night in the basement after work and school “gets out.” I’m definitely feeling anxious about the virus, and sad that it looks like traditional Thanksgiving celebrations with family will be cancelled here. So I think laying low is best right now. (How are things where you are?)

Anyway, we miiiiiiight go for a Christmas movie, but how soon is too soon?!

Onward! Here are this week’s Recent Finds:

THEY’RE BACK IN STOCK! Run, don’t walk. Carly found these and they’re SUCH winners. Hello, cutest winter sandals ever.

The white ones are my most-worn sneakers of all time. So cushiony! They’re really like little clouds. They’re out of stock most places, but Zappos has them.

So does Tuckernuck. AND YOU CAN MONOGRAM THEM WITH THEM! I mean, no-brainer.

The Mark and Graham Crossbody Bag makes for a great holiday gift! J.Crew makes a red one, too. Both are priced well.

This is what I’m wearing in the top photo! It comes in three different prints and each is better than the next. I can’t recommend this thing more. Not only is it a great deal, it’s lined with this wonderfully fuzzy fleece material, and it’s amazingly warm and cozy. I went up one size for a looser fit, and would recommend doing the same unless you like your tops very fitted. BIG FAN!

Lilly’s bobble/pom sweater wins the bobble/pom award for 2020.


Here’s the Spanx version, which is what I’ve been wearing for years. They really hold you in!

And they come in navy blue now, too!

One of my most-worn fall tops.

The perfect tartan leggings.

I wouldn’t wear this ^ and the below hat together with this flannel blackwatch plaid button-down, but boy are all three cute.

Great for my long strolls with Lucy!


I’m in love.

J.Crew Factory’s black “cozy jeans” are back in stock. They’re extra soft and cozy; a great alternative to leggings this year.

Old Navy has some EXCELLENT flannel tartan button-ups.

You can’t go wrong with Factory’s leopard sweater dress.

I’m obsessed with Sarah Flint’s heeled loafers. They’re crazy comfy. You can take $50 with code “SARAHFLINT-KELLY.” TTS.

A favorite duster cardigan! It’s very, very soft. It’s often on the back of my office chair!

Cutest quilted boots!

Love this very fall navy plaid! And the fact that it can be monogrammed. (Gifts!)

Are these cute or f(UGG)?


I say cute. Let me know what you think.

Less extra but still a little extra.

Windowpane plaid camel coat. For all the plaid-obsessed gals out there.

I LOVE J.Crew’s vices dresses. They fall perfectly and are oh-so-flattering.

BRING BACK SUMMER! Says Kelly Larkin and Olaf. In the meantime, I’ll be in this soft striped nautical-inspired winter sweater.

I’ve had my eye on this number for a while. Love exactly how the model is wearing it!

I need zero new plaid shoes in my life right now but if I DID HAVE A NEED…

Sorry I keep featuring these, but they’re utterly fantastic. TTS, no break-in time, and they make all my outfits look cute with that super comfy block heel.

LOVE. Though why is it so hard to find a solid faux fur vest for adults these days?

Aaaaand I’m back on the Abercrombie finds. THIS IS SO GOOD!

And in this pattern. Very into mini skirts with boots this season!

Slow clap. Love it.

And the everyday basic version! Gorgeous.

I’m freaking out.

Omg. It also comes in buffalo!

I need to go to bed.