Recent Finds, 10/28

Camel Wool Trench Coat: On sale, and it’s insanely soft. Isn’t it so sharp looking for under $200?! It says that it runs large, but I went with my normal size (2), and it’s great. This is my other camel coat, which is only $38. (As you know, because I wear it daily!)

Yaaaaaas to this crazy week coming to an end. Work has been demanding to say the least, and I’m excited about a fun-filled weekend. Today, we’re headed out to a farm for some family time, and tonight, we’re having a little impromptu Halloween celebration.

A few little life updates:

  • Emma is doing SO WELL at daycare! You might remember that we were in struggle city with that situation for a while; I was constantly getting called to go pick her up because she wouldn’t stop crying. We were making progress for a while, but every time we missed a day, we experienced a big setback. Getting her there regularly over the summer was tough since we were traveling so much, and we also only do a couple of two-hour sessions per day anyway–not as much time as most other children get. But Mitch made it his mission to get our little girl acclimated, and now she runs into daycare shrieking with delight. I’m unbelievably happy. It helps with our workloads so much, it’s really good for Emma, and Mitch and I are getting more sleep because we’re not working into the wee hours of the morning.
  • We painted the trim (and doors) on our townhouse! Before, it was teal. Yes, TEAL. (Horrible.) Now it’s white, and the doors are black. I’m so excited to share photos, but I’m waiting on our door knockers, so it’ll likely be a couple of weeks. I think it looks like something out of Notting Hill, though, and that makes me so happy, haha.
  • Construction on our kitchen begins in two weeks! I can’t believe it. We’ve been living with a horrible yellow kitchen since we bought our home a couple of years ago, and it’s finally going to be white! (I know. #firstworldprobs for sure.) It’s going to make such a big difference, though. Kira David Design also picked out everything and essentially handled the entire project for us so it’s been SUPER easy. If you’re looking to have work done on your home in Chicago, I give KDD the highest recommendation.
  • I’m obsessed with this super soft camel wool trench coat. I ordered it on a whim, and I’m so glad I did. It goes with everything I own and it’s SO classy! As I said above, it’s on sale, too! Isn’t it so sharp looking for under $200?! It says that it runs large, but I went with my normal size (2), and it’s great. This is my other camel coat, which is only $38. (As you know, because I wear it daily!)
  • We joined Midtown Athletic Club! Mitch and I are currently playing tennis there, which is hysterical because Mitch is a phenomenal tennis player and I’m pretty much the worst player you’ve ever SEEN. (I do, however, have a cute tennis dress.) Hoping to do a blog post about how incredible the club is (especially for young families) in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Recent Finds, 10/28:

I’m clearly obsessed. Get ready to see this guy ALL THE TIME on the blog. This is my other camel coat, which is only $38.

This is the other version. It’s a little more classic. (And this is my other camel coat, which is only $38.)

Love the wrap version, too. (And for the last time, this is my other camel coat, which is only $38, haha.)

I LOVE gingham shirts, but I stop wearing them in the winter because I like cozier flannels better. Here’s a gingham FLANNEL, though! YAY!

Omg so cute. Already thinking about the holidays…

I have a very similar sweater and wear it on the reg every fall and winter. I feel like this one has a good price point, too!

There are only a few left, so swoop it up while you can. I wear a medium. It runs small!

Wore this twice this past week, in an XS. (Runs big so order your usual size or one size down.) If it’s sold out here, you can also find it on Madewell’s site.

In stripe. So cute!

In buffalo check! It’s backordered, but it’ll be such a fun surprise when it arrives!

Love this everyday sweater.

They’re not backordered yet, so if you’re considering going for (in my opinion) the BEST Bean boots this year, order now! I wear a size 7.5 normally and got these in a 7.

The red jacket is BACK! Sells out quickly; a great way to stand out as the sea of black coats slowly takes over Chicago…

Holy cuteness.

I’m lovin’ the velvet trend! (I think I’m a year late but whatever.) This blazer with the little bows on the arms? Adorable.

Gingham cuffs!

Love the pleated detailing on the skirt.

I have this sweater in light pink and adore it. It’s available in a ton of other colors this year!

I think this would be a great going out top for the fall and winter because you’d look chic but you wouldn’t be freezing.

Still obsessed with chunky heels.

Another great camel scarf. This is the one I’m wearing this year. It’s humungous but it’s SO cozy.

I want this for the holidays SO BADLY.

And this?! Dying. The ric rac!

As you know, I’m obsessed with suede leggings right now. How cute is the top, though?!

Why isn’t this available in my size?!

Chanel lookalikes.

Here’s another great velvet number. It’s also available at Madewell. This one looks adorable, too!

(Note: I’m a big fan of the Cece “Kate” dress, which I wore in NYC.)