preppy rainy day outfit - Recent Finds 10/29

^ Mitch and I ran downtown yesterday and had lunch while the girls were in school!

Similar Boots here, here and here. I also just got this pair from Boden and ADORE them! / Newer Plaid Coat (Also love this similar houndstooth blazer jacket, and this one, too. Also look into the Belted Lady Day Coat, the Double-Breasted Topcoat, the Tie-Waist Blazer Jacket (SO PRETTY!), and the Daphne Topcoat.) / Goyard Tote / Barbour Umbrella / Newer Sweater

LAST DAY OF RAIN! I feel like we spent the entire week in the car, driving the kids all over the city. Which honestly was kind of fun; it reminded me a little bit of One Fine Day with George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer. (Omg. Just looked it up and she was wearing a trench coat, too. I thankfully didn’t end up in a dinosaur t-shirt, though. 😉)

We have a crazy busy + fun weekend ahead of us! Here’s what’s going on:

Friday: Emma’s Halloween parade (she’s being Annie! 😭), birthday party for Lottie (Lucy’s bestie!) at Bradley and Peter’s

Saturday: Neighborhood Halloween party, playdate with new friends from school, visit from in-laws, and a late-night “drive-by” hangout with Jess and Neal at their place because we haven’t seen them in forever (YAY!)

Sunday: Pizza at our friend Alex’s house and then trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with our friends Gretchen, James, Dave, Natalie, Nicki, JR, Ellen and Nik—and all their respective children. ;)

I’m going to go ahead and say that by Sunday night, Mitch and I will be collapsed on the couch… and the likelihood that everyone gets to school on time on Monday is LOW. 😆 (We’ve been so good this year—they haven’t been late once!—but this is definitely going to be the first, haha.)

Anyway, wish us luck—and if you have a similar schedule, god speed.

Here are this week’s “recent finds”:

How beautiful is the embroidery on this sweater?!

All about these boots. I’d size up so you can wear thicker socks with them, but they’re so comfy… and they don’t scrunch up when worn with bare legs!

The cashmere sweater of the year?! Love those puff sleeves…

An awesome oversized cashmere-cotton sweater. Love all the colors.

The Cali Demi-Boot Jeans in a wonderfully soft/stretchy denim! I’m such a huge fan of these jeans as an alternative to skinny jeans. they work wonderfully with booties, too!

For my skinny jeans fans, try these! Madewell’s Roadtripper line is SO GOOD. They’re ridiculously comfortable—think legging-like comfort—yet they don’t stretch out throughout the day. I usually need to go down one size in Roadtripper jeans, FYI.

Gosh, this is beautiful. A great way to bring navy-and-white stripes throughout the fall and winter.

PRETTY sure I’m going to buy this; it’s my absolute favorite flannel, now available in a light gray buffalo check. SWOON. I prefer my Faherty shirts in a size small for a slightly oversized look, in case that helps with sizing! Order your normal size if you like that look, or go one size down if you’d prefer a more fitted appearance.

I might already be dreaming of warmer weather…

Probably my favorite top of the season! The faux suede is wonderfully soft.

This very similar Tuckernuck top is on major sale! So soft.

Favorite pajamas! Super cozy yet lightweight. Love the gray!

One of my favorite tops has been restocked in the cream color. It’s generous so don’t size up!

Stumbled across these classic loafers the other day and love them!

I’m in a Dudley Stephens fleece at least every other day for drop-off. This one is by far my favorite, as it’s the perfect fall/winter color.

This Dudley sweatshirt is on sale!

My Burberry rainboots are back! I’ve had mine for years and I know I’ll own them forever. They’re great for days when you want to look a little nicer but it’s pouring! I also recommend Blondo waterproof boots.

Love this Barbour umbrella, too, which you can see in the featured photo at the top of this post. It’s my go-to!

Oh my goodness. My favorite Tuckernuck dress—in a slightly different cut, but essentially the same—in leopard! *Adds to cart.*

This chunky olive green sweater fits perfectly into my fall uniform, though it comes in several other colors, too. Gets awesome reviews!

I wear J.Crew leather gloves almost daily during the fall, but these look beautiful!

The collar!

OMG, GUYS. THE TRETORN WHITE SNEAKERS ARE BACK! I was so upset when I wrecked mine last year; couldn’t find a replacement pair anywhere. But they’re here! Ah, Tuckernuck, you’re the best! (Comfiest sneakers EVER.)

Oh my. Also loving this navy striped sweater for fall.

Have you ever owned one of these headbands? I think the price is insane but people say that they’re ridiculously comfortable and don’t cause headaches…

My favorite earrings are back! (SO CHEAP!)

And this time in crystal!

This looks JUST like my favorite wool trench coat, which I wear constantly. Highly recommend! Have owned mine for at least five years and I’m always reaching for it!

Isn’t this beautiful?!

What a beautiful cardigan (to be worn as a top)!

Clearly very into the stripes this week.

Sezane makes the most gorgeous coats.

Am I right?

And this one…

This sweater dress!

Okay, this is admittedly a bit much. But really fun, especially if you have kids! I have a similar one from Boden and Emma and Lucy adore it!

So pretty!

These kind of make no sense to me, but if they’d just put a leather backing in there, they would be perfect!

If anyone has a wedding to go to this season…

Oh gosh. The perfect camel cashmere sweater?

Vineyard Vines’ version of the bow sweater!

Shep Shirt but make it #60daysofplaid ;)

This is my style this year. ^

But also this. Because I love Christmas.

TALBOTS! I’m impressed.

And this combo.

I adore velvet dresses for the holidays. Warmth + style, and perfect for women of all ages!

The famous Anthro sweater.

I have this Lilly puffer, and it’s so slimming!

Factory brought back the tartan dress pants. :) Oh man. I’m so excited for Christmas.

My favorite puffer of all time. It’s on sale today, too!

Have been contemplating trying L.L.Bean’s for a few years now, though, because I hear it’s crazy warm!