Wool Trench Coat 

Wool Trench Coat (Also available here. And here’s the houndstooth version.)

I’m having the nicest weekend. Mitch and I got a babysitter and had a couples’ night with Kira and Tom, and it made my heart happy. Do you remember this post I wrote a while back on making new friends in your 30s? I’m feeling all those feelings again today. I just think it’s somewhat difficult to find other couples that we truly click with. But from Kira & Tom and Jess & Neal to Barbie & Jordan and Danielle & Conor, we’re so lucky to have such amazing friends here in Chicago.

I also love that we encourage each other to slow down and reserve time for fun. Sure, we all could have spent last night catching up on housework and everything else we didn’t get to last week–and perhaps that would have made this upcoming week a bit easier. But I don’t know. Things like last night are good for the soul, and they seem help me power through and actually enjoy chores and work and the other regular, everyday life stuff far more than completed to-do lists do.

Thanks for listening to me ramble, haha.

Back to “Recent Finds.” ;)

A few fashion-related things:

  1. The best-ever wool trench coat is back in stock! (Also available here. And here’s the houndstooth version.) It sells out SO quickly, so jump on it if you love it. I get more compliments on this coat than I do on any other. Surprisingly very warm, too! (Runs slightly large. I’m wearing a size 2 here, and it’s roomy but not overwhelmingly so.)

Houndstooth Leggings c/o / Beret / Softest Black Sweater c/o / Coach “Court” Bag /

Houndstooth Leggings c/o / Beret / Softest Black Sweater c/o / Coach “Court” Bag / Tassel Flats (And aren’t these the cutest?!) c/o /  J.Crew Regent Topcoat (They brought it back! It’s fantastic. Another great one is this one by Ralph Lauren.)

2. J.Crew brought back the ever-popular Regent Topcoat, which is similar, but has more of a blazer look. Runs a little small in the shoulders. I’d go with your normal size or one size up. An alternative is this one by Ralph Lauren.

Newer Version of the Oversized Scarf / Faux Leather Tote / Flannel Sunday Shirt

Newer Version of the Oversized Scarf / Faux Leather Tote / Flannel Sunday Shirt

3. The oversized scarf is BACK! This year’s version is slightly different, but I really love it. It’s the coziest, and it definitely makes an outfit!

Recent Finds, 10/28

The perfect earrings for the upcoming holidays.

Leather tech gloves! All my gloves are basically ruined from Chicago winters, so thinking about going for these this year.

The fur vest is also vest! This sells out incredibly quickly, so pounce if you love it. Runs on the bigger side.

A great plaid flannel for a steal.

I LOVE how they styled this black dress!

Here it is again. Swoon.

It’s on sale! Looking forward to wearing this over the holidays. Perfect Thanksgiving sweater paired with leather or velvet leggings?

Oooooh. That cable-knit.

Have been looking for corduroy leggings everywhere. Thoughts?

I wish these would come back in stock. :(

Here’s J.Crew’s version. They don’t get great reviews. Has anyone tried them? Would love to hear what you think!


This is absolutely adorable.

LOVE this pearl necklace. Might be getting back into jewelry this year. ;)

And this one! So beautiful for the holidays!

J.Crew Factory also brought the classic plaid scarf back!

Yep. A definite for xmas.

Tartan sneakers. Stop it.

Look at those cuffs.

If I had any weddings coming up, this would be my dress!

FREAKING OUT about this beauty. I love the camel color, which I’ve never seen before for the flag sweater, and the roll neck.

I have this sweater in camel and it’s so flattering and comfy! Thinking I might need the gray.

Here’s the classic camel cable-knit sweater, but a 1/4 of the price of the cashmere!

FINALLY! Gucci lookalike slides.

Bow pumps.

This looks unbelievably soft. :)

Favorite cashmere tunic on sale.

Adore this cozy number.

It’s starting to get cold in Chicago. Get ready for months of sweater-swooning.

Nordstrom is carrying the gold initial necklace again. Such a great gift!

Vineyard Vines, this is stunning.

My two favorite pairs of leather leggings: the Commando version and the Spanx version. Can’t decide which are better; I love them equally haha!

Same with the velvet leggings. Both are fantastic. Here’s the Commando pair and here’s the the Spanx pair.

I’m only wearing warm, long-sleeved dresses this season. This one caught my eye! With brown boots?

The new oversized scarf.