Polar Bear Sweater | Recent Finds 1/29

Polar Bear Sweater — Also check out the heart fleece pullover, heart sweater and striped heart sweater! (Obviously all perfect for Valentine’s Day!)

I’m nearing the end of my I’m-not-getting-dressed-this-month journey. I won’t lie: It was a good one. I’m usually the first to proclaim how upbeat and motivated I feel when I put a little effort into my outfits, but sometimes a girl just needs to organize, clean and recover from the holidays in her leggings and assortment of gray t-shirts.

But most good things must come to an end, and this is one of them. 😉

So here are a few things that are inspiring me! (Along with some kids’ and home finds.)

KJP does it again!

I know I’ve featured this vest before, but I think it’s so chic. It’s also obviously a wonderful layering piece. Yay warmth.

For Emma and Lucy. I keep crossing my fingers that it goes on major sale but no luck so far. ;)

I bought these! I’m going to use them for dinners in the dining room, in the middle of our circular dining table.

Unlined ballet flats! Sigh. I love unlined shoes. Buttery soft and no break-in time, these shoes are perfect for girls whose feet always hurt. (Hi!) I love them in black and red, too.

In silver!

The loafer version.

The Cocoon Coat is on sale. Think fast! Camel is the best color, IMHO. ;)

My most-worn striped layering tee. Great for under blazers!

POCKET TEE! Pocket tees are so hard to find. This one comes in a zillion colors and I’m very excited about it.

I know I’m not the only one thinking about vacations at this point. I see myself in this long torso compression swimsuit in front of a turquoise sea in the next few months. (HAHAHA. Never happening. For so many reasons.)

Cutest Valentine’s Day pajamas!

Mommy-and-me hair ties.

I’m really into this look lately. Would love an “E” and an “L.” I adore the Mark & Graham one but so pricey!

Pearls! So cute.

And these for kitchen chairs?!

Love these Target stools! I must admit that I ordered one to see if they were as fabulous as they looked online—guys, I don’t even know—and they’re too short, in my opinion. But love their simple look!


This is a great sweatshirt. It’s so similar to that very popular yet very scratchy French Connection sweater from last year… but this one is soft and cozy!

A really cute Valentine’s Day look.

HUGE FAN of this one! It’s ridiculously soft.

Very much drawn to this dress—exactly as shown, with black booties.

Navy, ruffles and hearts. Enough said!

This is viscose so it’ll resist wrinkles. :)


Old Navy Warm Jeans in black. They’re worth it.

Old Navy now makes an Align-style legging. This is huge!

As this post started with me swearing off leggings—jk, I definitely wasn’t doing that—it feels appropriate to end it with a solid pair. Haven’t tried these but they’re apparently ultra warm, and those are two words I wish to hear together at this point in the year, given my place of residence. ;)

Oh, J.Crew. You have me all excited for warmer weather over here and we’re buried under a blanket of snow. ;) This is perfection, though.

THIS! Huge fan of wearing cozy dresses with sweater tights or leggings and some cute boots. Makes me feel a bit less like the abominable snowman and more like a human during these rougher months.

It’s poly! Look at those hearts. So cute.

Long-sleeve pocket tees in solids, too.

Cashmere sweatshirt. Love it.

My ultimate springtime/summer look.

Bow loafers! Adorable. Get me out of these boots.