The Best Utility Jackets of 2017

Hinge Military Jacket (Old, brand’s newer version here.) / Rag & Bone Jeans / J.Crew Flannel (Old, but love this new plaid shirt.)

I’ve been on the utility/military jacket wagon for a long time. Are you sick of seeing them yet? They’ve been in nearly every blog post for the last couple of weeks. 😝

But it’s the best jacket to grab these days, when the afternoons are hot but the mornings and evenings are cool… and I love that the look will likely never go out of style.

I own two military jackets: one from Hinge and one from Old Navy, and I get the same amount of wear out of both. The Hinge one is a little more fitted, which means it can really only be worn with button-downs and tops–whereas the Old Navy one is looser and works better with true layering.

Here are a few of my favorite utility jackets that are currently available. :) If I missed your fave, be sure to let me know and I’ll add it to the list!

The Best Utility Jackets

^ This is the Old Navy one. (It’s from a few seasons ago.)

The Best Utility Jackets:

This is Hinge’s newer utility jacket. I love the frills along the zipper!

Can’t go wrong with Levi’s classic take on the utility jacket.

ADORE this longer version. Could definitely dress this one up!

You HAVE to see the bow detailing on the back.

The simplest utility jacket for the preppiest girl. ;)

Madewell always gets it right.

A bit of a longer length, a bit of a darker color.

That popped collar!

A slight color variation. I like, I like…

The ruffled peplum bottom! This has been on my list for a while, but I already own two utility jackets… ;)


It’s quilted, so technically it’s not a utility jacket. But it’s in the spirit of one… (Plus, way warmer.)

GAH. J.Crew is on point this year.

Abercrombie?! Shockingly cute.

Even Vineyard Vines makes a utility jacket. :)

Another simple one that has a great length.