Pottery Barn Holiday Decor

Somehow Pottery Barn didn’t make it into my giant holiday decor guide—and I’m just going to go ahead and blame the sleep deprivation that came along with Cyber Week. That’s okay, though! I now have way more time to actually chat about the products… over a glass of wine, of course, because it’s still 11 p.m. and old habits die hard. 🤪 Here goes:

Birch Trees: I’m going to sound like a psychopath right now, but I’m really into wooden trees this year. I want them everywhere. 😆 I legitimately have a small forest growing between our living and dining rooms. They just seem to add so much warmth to the home in a non-kitschy way! I love them. (Though I seem to have already established that.) These are giant and awesome.

Denver Plaid Duvet: We had a plaid Christmas duvet for our old bed, and it was SO fun during the holidays. Of course, storing it when it’s only used one month out of the year seems a tad silly, but then again I do that for all other holiday decor, so…

Stewart Plaid Shams: If the duvet is a bit too intense for you, what about the shams?! A fun pop of plaid.

Plaid Frames: I have a couple of these that are currently misplaced. I’m unclear as to whether they’re in a box somewhere—even though I think I unpacked every last box?!—or they never made the move. (Yes, it’s been a year and a half since we moved.) But I loved putting our Christmas card photos in them and then taking them out every year and reminiscing. Seasonal frames are such awesome holiday decor! So many wonderful memories.

“Christmas in the City” Pillow: MAN. This was hard to track down! This was the one product from Pottery Barn that I desperately wanted, mostly because the Ferris wheel reminded me so much of Chicago’s Navy Pier. Finally was able to find one that would ship to my parents’ house out East, and my mom’s holding on to it for me. :) I think it’ll be so special for the girls growing up!

Bronze Reindeer: All about the bronze reindeer. Also check out Crate and Barrel’s version, which I actually think is even cuter.

Stewart Plaid Napkins, Table Runner and Table Throw: Yay for all the Stewart plaid! It’s my favorite of the plaids—what has my life come to?—as it really seems to complement any interior design style. I see it in preppy homes and it’s amazing; I see it in more modern homes and it’s just as amazing. It’s timeless!

Faux Potted Holly: LOVE the holly. Those tiny berries provide for the perfect pop of red, and this arrangement looks so real!

Woody Doormat: Doesn’t this make you want to pack the car up and drive to Vermont for Christmas? I’ve spent most Christmases in Vermont at my aunt and uncle’s home—happy birthday, Uncle Dave!—so this brings back a lot of feels.

Basket Tree Collar: Everyone seems to have a basket tree collar these days! They sure are cute.

Faux Oranges Wreath: Such a fun spin on the traditional Christmas wreath.

Artificial Poinsettias: As you probably know, I’m all about the artificial greenery for this stage of my life. (I know many people take personal offense to this, but it’s not because I hate plants. I love plants—I’m just a depleted human right now, and value time with my kids over time with said plants.) Anywho, these look fantastic, and you can put them around the house without worry that your dog could eat them. (Though after further research, it would seem that they aren’t as poisonous as I always thought?!)

Central Perk Mug and Travel Mug: I have a “Friends”-themed Central Perk coffee mug, and it really does bring me joy. Love this collaboration with Pottery Barn!

Stewart Plaid Pillow Cover: Oh my gosh. Not sure if I’m going to be able to make it through the rest of these little blurbs. Eyes closing. But yay for plaid!

“Christmas in the City” Hand Towels and Tea Towels: I still get mighty confused about the difference between hand and tea towels, but it’s a thing. (Hand towels, I believe, go in the powder room… and tea towels hang on the oven. Is this correct? Too tired to Google, ha!)

Plaid Letter Mug: We’ve had ours for years! They’re great. Very substantial and sturdy and they make for fun photos, too. :)

“Merry” Pillow: We have a very similar red pillow that says “JOY” on it in our dining room, and it makes quite the statement! A fun little pop of color that Noodle enjoys snuggling into.

Denver Plaid Dinnerware Set: If you’re celebration is far smaller this year, this is one way you can make dinner feel very special!

Woody Sheets: Christmas sheets make everything more special! We’re not at that point yet, but I do hope to be in a few years. ;) Growing up, I remember my mom always putting seasonal flannel sheets on my bed, and they gave me such s cozy feeling! Really got me into the spirit.

Christmas in the City Mugs: I’m SO SAD that these are sold out. I waited too long, haha. I only wanted one! But alas. If you’re looking for something similar, try Anthropologie’s version. The company is carrying NYC, London and Paris mugs and I’m in love.

Artificial Holly Garland: My favorite faux garland is this stuff from Crate and Barrel, but it sells out every year almost immediately. This is a fabulous alternative and even more festive!

Christmas in the City Doormat: This is still available, I believe! We have this doormat from Target and this doormat from Anthropologie, which is one doormat too many. ;) So I’ll have to live vicariously through you!