16 Pairs of Plaid Holiday Shoes

Velvet Leggings (Spanx has a great version, too. Also have/love these, which are only $49! The Commando pair comes in leather, too.) / Plaid Bow Flats (Also available in this print.)

Every year, I promise myself a calm holiday season… and every year, it’s completely chaotic, haha. What am I doing wrong?! I think it’s partially due to what Mitch said in his recent post: that Thanksgiving and Christmas are far too close together. Like, there’s simply not enough time between the two! And then, I suppose, there’s that severe case of FOMO I so often suffer from. I want to do everything and see everyone, and also spend time with my family and then run this blog as well. Ah, well. ;) There are definitely bigger problems to have.

Either way, I’m wearing as much tartan as I can between now and the 25th. (As you know. 😜) So I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite plaid footwear for 2017!

Plaid Holiday Shoes


Obsessed. I’m all about the loafer, and a tartan loafer is my idea of perfection. ;)

These are the plaid flats you’ve been seeing me wear so often this year! They’re padded and super comfy.

Just found these online the other day and think they’re so cute!

Those poms. And the bright red tartan!

These were sold out for a while, but they’re BACK!

These are a limited edition, so if you’re in love, definitely grab ’em now.

For those of you who live in warmer climates!

I love d’Orsay shoes, but I do have issues keeping them on my feet. This is the perfect solution.

The cutest red pumps.

An adorable day-to-day pair of tartan flats.

Okay. I’m going to go ahead and say I don’t particularly like these, hahaha. But I had to include them!

Black watch plaid pumps.

And a pair with a bow on the back!

These are my flats but in red.

Reminds me of my childhood school uniform. :)

For all my moms out there. Even if you spend your days at the playground, you can still wear plaid! ;)