During Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to attend the Diego Binetti + Panasonic show as a LUMIX Style Correspondent. I’d really thought I wouldn’t be able to attend a single show that week because of my job, but this one was during the weekend, which meant I could go! (Miracles do happen.) The whole experience was amazing, but my favorite part was that I was able to go backstage with Jen from Skirt the Rules and Ashley from Impossibly Imperfect to experience the pre-show activities and watch the models get all done up. (They came out looking perfect, of course. ;)) After the show, Panasonic sent us home with Nanoe Hair Dryers and Nanoe Flat Irons–the same styling tools used on the models–to try for ourselves. Which. Was. Awesome.


So here’s the thing about my hair: I hate it. It’s incredibly fine—not “grown up hair” at all. When I let it air dry, it turns into a curly mess and I look like a 12-year-old little girl. (I know, I know. I should be more confident. But I’m insecure about it! I teach teenagers, you know?) When I straighten it, though, it ends up dry and damaged. (This is undoubtedly the result of years of highlighting and flat ironing with reckless abandon.) Every morning, I blow dry it with a $17.99 hot pink travel hair dryer I bought from CVS, and try to save the straightening for events only.

That said, I was pretty psyched about trying Panasonic’s new nanoe technology on my locks. I wasn’t sure what the Nanoe Hair Dryer could do that my old one couldn’t, but boy—was I surprised. It dries my locks far more quickly than my old hair dryer ever did, which has been so nice for my morning routine. (Every second counts when you have to commute through Times Square, haha.) And for the first time ever, my hair doesn’t feel brittle. Huzzah! Likewise, the Nanoe Flat Iron leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth.

Truth be told, I used to put my hair through a lot. I was one of those girls who was obsessed with having perfectly straight hair, no matter what the long-term effects were. Now that I’m getting older, I’m not exactly loving those effects, haha. In the same position as I am? Enter the giveaway below to win your own set of Panasonic Nanoe tools. One lucky entrant will win both!

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