sperry contest

1. This contest. Enter here to win a year’s worth of Sperry shoes! :)


2. The Glitter Guide’s “How to Style Duck Boots” feature. I squealed when I saw my photo! Though the above photo is from Sarah’s blog. :)


3. Target’s collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer. Oh-em-gee. More on this later, but mark your calendars: April 19th. THE BEACH CHAIRS?!


4. This article about all the girls who are pissed about it. Hahaha. Goodness gracious. Spread happiness like Lilly would have, ladies!


5. My friend Emily’s recent blog post. Um, cutest thing ever. And I’m so happy for them! Eeee! Happiness.



6. How to Dress Professionally During a Cold Snap” by Meredith Lepore. Yours truly is quoted! So fun. This weather, though? Opposite of fun.

Chicago 2010-1

7. Gems you find while cleaning off your hard drive. Like this photo from a visit to Chicago in 2010. Who knew we’d be residents in 2015?! Oh, yeah. And I have curly hair in real life. And should have worn sunscreen.

8. Kate’s Spade’s new arrivals. The hot air balloons?! Dying.


9. This sweater dress from Anthropologie. And this tweed shift.


10. Penguin Watch. Count real penguins. (Oh my God. Cuteness.) Help researchers. Read about it here.

Happy Friday, everyone! Stay warm and safe!