Noodle in the City-10

When we first got Noodle back in August, she was much too young to visit the dog-friendly area of Montrose Beach. (Remember this? And this?!) She could barely run around the backyard for five minutes without exhausting herself and falling asleep, and her vaccinations weren’t completed until the very end of October–by which time Chicago was freezing. (Or freezing in Noodle’s eyes, at least.) And then, when warm weather finally arrived in the city, there was an outbreak of the “dog flu.”


But this past weekend, we finally made it! And Girlfriend loved it. Noodle is timid by nature–just last week she nearly had a panic attack when she spotted a plastic bag floating across the street. (Pretty sure she wouldn’t be a fan of “American Beauty.”) That said, she was a bit overwhelmed when she saw waves for the first time, and dozens of dogs and their owners. (#strangerdanger) I mean, can you blame her? I’d be scared too if I were a tiny wiener dog and up against a bunch of pit bulls and 80-pound Labrador retrievers. After about 15 minutes, though, Noodle was all about it, and totally hangin’ with the big dogs.

Holy tail-waggin’ cuteness.

Anyway, let’s swap out the regular style post today for a puppy post. Because who couldn’t use a good dose of puppy love on a Wednesday morning?

Also, fair warning: I’ve turned into a crazy dog lady. Sorry for the 20+ photos. The last one is my fave, though. ;)

Noodle in the City-23
Noodle in the City-31
Noodle in the City-39
Noodle in the City-27
Noodle in the City-40
Noodle in the City-22
Noodle in the City-17
Noodle in the City-18
Noodle in the City-41
Noodle in the City-32
Noodle in the City-33
Noodle in the City-15
Noodle in the City-12
Noodle in the City-47
Noodle in the City-49
Noodle in the City-3
Noodle in the City-2
Noodle in the City-30
Noodle in the City-6
Noodle in the City-44
Noodle in the City-45

And to the fella over there
With the hella good hair
Won’t you come on over, baby?
We can shake, shake, shake…